Google Introduces Extensions, Double-Check Button For Bard

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Google has announced a slew of updates for Bard, the company’s AI chatbot. The new features include better connectivity with Google apps and services, the ability to double-check responses and continue someone else’s chat, and the availability of the chatbot in more than 40 languages. Here’s everything new with Google’s Bard.

Integration With Google Apps

Going forward, Bard will be able to fetch information from a user’s Google apps, like Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights, and provide it in an organized manner in the chat. The feature is called Bard Extensions, and it is available in English. For instance, if users want to plan a trip, they can ask Bard to look for dates that suit everyone using Gmail, flight availability using Google Flights, and directions to the airport or the hotel using Google Maps, all in one conversation.

Google Bard’s Extensions

Google also promises that the content viewed by Bard, while facilitating extensions, isn’t seen by human reviewers, nor used by the chatbot to show advertisements or train the model. Further, users can turn on/off these extensions whenever they want, giving them better control over their privacy.

Double Check Bard’s Responses

Users can now click on the “Google it” button (or the “G” icon) in the chat to double-check answers provided by the chatbot. When users hit the button, Bard reads the response and evaluates whether it corroborates content across the internet.

The chatbot then tells users whether it found supporting or contradicting information based on Google Search results. This feature should help people using the chatbot for academic purposes, especially if someone needs a citation or wants to conduct a fact-check, and eliminates the chance of getting partially correct information by Bard.

Double-check feature on Google Bard

Another feature making its way to Google’s Bard is the ability to share conversations with a public link. During collaborative projects, users should be able to share their conversations with the chatbot with other users. This could be beneficial during research, planning, or even group studies. Other improvements coming to Bard include uploading images with Google Lens, getting Search images in responses, and modifying the chatbot’s responses in more than 40 languages.

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