Google Assistant, which can be explained as an evolved version of Google Now, will now be available beyond Google’s own Pixel smartphones. Starting from today, Google will be pushing it out to English language users running Android Marshmallow and Nougat on their phones in US, followed by Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Before confirming it for all Android phones, Google integrated it with LG G6, with all Marshmallow+ Android TVs, and even accidentally activated it in a Google Search update. So yeah, this rollout was very much on the cards.


Devices Eligible for Google Assitant Update:

  • More than 1.5GB RAM
  • 720P HD or higher resolution
  • Android Marshmallow or Higher software

You will also need a phone with at least 1.5GB RAM and 720p HD display, which shouldn’t be a problem if you bought anything but entry-grade Android in the last one year (or one of the low-end Galaxy J series phone). Those who install the update will be able to summon the new AI assistant using ‘Ok Google’ voice command or by long pressing the home button (as always).

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There is no word on when the update will be available to users in India, but that should happen sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, you could always taste what the new Google Assistant is like in the Google Allo App, even if you are still running Android KitKat.

For the uninitiated, Google Assistant isn’t vastly different from Google Now, but it’s smarter and can hold contextual conversations. But this is the foundation of what lies ahead. Google is betting big on voice and with the kind of data it has on users, the Assistant will only get better with time. Perhaps, the video below explains it better:


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