Google Assistant Broadcasts will now work beyond home Wi-Fi network

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Google has unleashed a few more Google Assistant features ahead of Google I/O 2021. One of the exciting changes is that Google Broadcast will now work on all Google Assistant devices including phones, even when these are not connected to home Wi-Fi networks. 

Broadcasts are one of the most popular Google Assistant features that can be used to blast a message to all connected Google Home and Nest devices simultaneously. Now members within the same family group will get these prompts as messages even when they are away from home. Family members can then reply back with voice or by texting. In a way, this shall work as a messaging service among family members. 

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There’s more for families invested in Google’s ecosystem. Family bell reminders that can ring a bell and remind members of specific events like Online classes, time to turn on the water pump, etc. can now ring across multiple Google Home devices and will be available in 8 languages including Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

Last but not least. Google is bringing in more stories and games. New stories include the “Who was” series from Penguin Random House and harry potter series. To access these, users can use commands like “Hey Google, talk to Who Was Heroes” or “Hey Google, tell me a Quidditch Story”  or “Hey Google, tell me a story.” 

Other than that, there are new trivia games and new cleanup songs for kids. 

Apart from new Assistant features, Google also talked about a couple of upcoming safety enhancements. The company is working with developers to add a safety section in the Play store that will detail what user data apps are collecting and also why they need the said data. This should result in better transparency and should help users make better choices.  

Google is also working towards making two-factor authentication the default practice while logging in on new devices. 

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