Google AI Video Generator Phenaki could revolutionize the industry

Google going all in for AI-based products

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Google is coming up with new inventions every now and then for the masses. Now, the Alphabet-owned organization is back with AI-backed elements to compete with other AI products in the industry. Recently, Google’s AI video generator has joined the race of AI-backed applications. It is pretty similar to other AI image generators that work on the descriptions entered by the users. Another major highlight regarding the same is that, as of now, there is no other popular leading AI video generator in the market right now. In an ‘Overtime’ video shared by Google, the company has offered a glimpse of the product that could be the leader in its segment in the near future.

Google AI video generator ‘Phenaki’

In the beginning, Google’s AI video generator was named Phenaki. Reports suggest that the name is a reference to the phenakistiscope, which is the first-ever device that creates a fluid illusion of motion. As per the 60 minutes segment, Phenaki runs on the image generation systems that are being used by other AI image makers. It works in such a way that the user is supposed to enter the text prompt, and then the AI will generate a video based on it. These short videos will most probably be GIFs based on the text prompts.

In the sample video, Phenaki created a golden retriever with angel wings frolicking in a field. The resultant video has visible movement, and the clip looks hand drawn. However, there are some rules that have been defined by Google already. One of them is that Phenaki is not going to generate humans. This will help Phenaki restrain from creating deep fakes. There has been no information regarding the launch of Phenaki on a global level. Expectations are that Google will roll it out pretty soon for the masses to capture the market.

Nishit Raghuwanshi RudraNishit Raghuwanshi Rudra
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