Google has revamped Gmail and has added a new design, extra features, and some customizable options. Users can now snooze emails, reply to them with Google’s automated Smart Replies, benefit from “Nudges”, send ‘Confidential Emails’, and more.

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Most of the features have already hit Gmail’s web platform, and will slowly and gradually make it to Android as well. The new “Snooze” and “mark unread from here” options were spotted on the Gmail’s Android App by Android Police. The new features are available in the latest version of the app. Let’s talk about them one by one:

Snooze feature

The Snooze has been one of the most-awaited features on Gmail. As the name suggests, it will put off emails that you don’t want to attend to right now for a specific period of time. You can say it is similar to the Alarm clock ‘snooze’ which snoozes your alarm and rings it after a certain time.

This will help keep all the emails that matter to you at the top of your list.

How to Access Snooze emails on Gmail App

Head over to Gmail App > Open the email you want to Snooze > Tap on the Overflow menu on the top right corner > Select the Snooze option. The feature will let you pick a time – later today, tomorrow, this weekend, next week, someday and pick date & time, for the Gmail to notify you again about the snoozed email.

You will be notified at the selected time again for you to check the email.

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Mark Unread From Here feature

Credit: Android Police

Other than the Snooze feature, Gmail also rolled out “mark unread from here” for Android app. The said feature is helpful for long emails when you don’t have time to go through in an email thread. The new “mark unread from here” will let you partially unread it.

Since this is a phased roll-out, you may not get the services immediately in your Gmail App. But don’t worry they will be added soon. If you are eager to try all the new features of Gmail, you can access them on your desktop.

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