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Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 phones were impressive on many fronts, especially for consumers who are heavily invested in Google’s ecosystem of apps and services. They are excellent performers, offer the best possible camera experience as of now, and come with 2 years of warranty in India. Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is also expected to receive a similar treatment.

However, if you are a prospective buyer and are looking for the list of Google service centers in India or have other questions related to the state of Google’s after-sales support in India, here are a few things that you should know.

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How to Contact Google for Pixel related issues?

Past the first-generation Pixel phones, Google discontinued its Pixel service centers in India. Instead, it has partnered with B2X to provides door to door and remote repair service in 30 Indian cities. This covers the whole of Delhi NCR, but we don’t have complete details of all cities that Google covers in India. We are guessing all major metros are covered though.

In case you damage your phone, you can contact Google from an option listed under “Support and Tips” in the settings menu. Google will schedule a pickup and drop service for the address you provide (for supported pin codes).

You can also directly call on Google service Helpline number 1800 419 0655 between 9 AM and 6 PM.

Moreover, there is a 24/7 live chat support as well. You can contact the agent via the dedicated tab in the phone settings. You’ll be able to share your screen and the rep will have remote access to your device. They will be able to see exactly what you’re seeing and direct through the troubleshooting steps. Note: The other person will gain access only if you permit, not otherwise. Having live person support could prove helpful.

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Google Pixel phone repair process in India

We contacted Google customer care faking an inquiry about replacing a damaged screen and here is what we learned:

  • Since there are no physical service center partners, you will have to schedule a pickup for your damaged device.
  • There are four slots for picking up devices filled on a first come first serve basis. So, you won’t have to wait too long for scheduling your pick up. And the pick and drop service is entirely free.
  • You will get the estimate for repair only after the Google engineer examines your device for hardware damages. And this may take up to a week.
  • If you don’t want to proceed with the repair after getting the estimate, you can cancel the repair order. Your phone will be delivered back to you.
  • The representative offered us a spare device to use while our Pixel moved through the repair stages.
  • The estimated turn around time that Google representative gave us was 2 weeks.
  • In case of hardware damages (like if you crack your display or touch), Google will, more often than not, provide a replacement phone after you agree on the repair charges (Just as is the case with iPhones). Which is to say, hardware repairs won’t be cheap.

Getting Pixel Phone After sales support in India

Google had initially partnered with HTC for servicing Pixel and Pixel XL in India. As of today, however, they have opted for a different approach which has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

If you live in one of 30 cities that Google services, you can enjoy the convenience of home pick and drop. If not, things can be a bit inconvenient.

Google anyways offers 2 years warranty and has a remote team to resolve software related issues, so as a Pixel owner you are fairly well covered. Having said that, Google should work on expanding its service ecosystem in India if it needs to fully justify the premium price it asks for the Pixel devices.


  1. My pixel 4A was dropped accidently and rear camera glass was broken and i didn’t find any replacement of it please help me

    • Reach out to google support to open ticket with b2x ,
      Quotation to repair I got :
      Description of Goods/Services Type Price
      Pixel 4a -Repair Cost (A) 4031.15
      GST on Parts(B) 488.04
      Service Charge(C) 909.00
      GST on Service Charge (D) 163.62
      Inspection Charges (E) 500
      Total (A+B+C+D-E) 5091.83

  2. I got my pixel xl from Croma, & now when I need to repair the display of it, they are not helping me at all. Very disappointed with service of Croma & Google.

  3. I have google pixel 4a. I dropped it accidentally and now the display is broken. I do not want to lose the data inside. Will it be formatted during repair?

  4. hey! I broke the screen of my Pixel 4 (not 4a or XL). B2X people denied helping me so did the people at google. I know…I’m basically fucked, but if anyone can help….plis that’ll be great.

  5. My pixel 4a display is broken.
    i need to replace the display, display is unavailable in most places.
    where can i get the display

  6. I tried to find an authorized service center for Google phones in India and did not find a legitimate one. Does anyone know of an authorized service center in Bangalore. I have a Google Pixel XL phone that is dead and requires a software reload. Thanks.

  7. I have Google pixel and unable to make calls. I want to get it repaired near Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Please help me.

  8. I havea Google Pixel3a handset the socket used for charging the phoneis not working where cani get it repairedin PUNE india

  9. I have my google pixel 3a phone. My front screen got scratched and broken. How can i get it replaced. Please guide.

    • were you able to get repaired your google pixel 3a? if yes, how?, please reply because i have the same issue and im not able to find a service centre in mumbai.

      • Hi Tribhuvan,
        I broke my pixel 3 screen and I am looking to change my screen, Did you find any store in Mumbai that can do that, do let me know.

  10. I have a google pixel phone, which has 2 problems, 1. when i tried to listen music with my headsets the volume button goes down automatically, 2. when i try to answer a call it goes hanging, again i have to restart the phone, and if I pick up the call fortunately they don’t listen to my voice, i can hear them.
    Can anybody help me in this regard

  11. I have a google pixel phone and it has just blanked out. I am based in Mumbai and am unable to get any support for its repair. Kindly give info about how do i go about getting it repaired.
    My email id is

  12. I am from Siliguri, West Bengal.
    I want to repair my pixel 2 xl.
    But don’t know how to contact the service center.. Please help me.

  13. Can anyone tell me where can I find Google Pixel authorized service center in Delhi NCR. I have call couple of center but none does not give repair services. I call on the toll free number no one is answering it.

  14. I am going to give my pixel 2 xl for display (combo) replacement will i get a replacement mobile for the time period the mobile is being repaired????

  15. I purchased Google pixel and gifted to my husband on his B’day. Every now ans then the phone is visiting the Service Center. This time it has been 3 months. We haven’t got the phone back and there associates tell us that phone will be shipped shortly.
    Google is fooling everyone. I will never ever buy any Google phone ever again in my life.

  16. Please don’t every buy Google PIXEL phones, if you are stationed at Bangalore. They do not have any service centre. After complaining in Toll free number, some one collected my phone and said, same shall be repaired at Mumbai and returned within a week’s time. 3 weeks are over. Neither the phone is repaired nor the same is returned as it is. Waste of about Rs.50000/-. Much better smartphones are available at much cheaper prices and they have service centres all over.

  17. Google pixel company is fraud and after sales service is very very bad in one year warranty period my mobile got lots of issues and I complaned so many times but when I send it to service center they send my a bill of 30000 of Indian rupees but my google pixel 2 xl is in warranty period within 1 year of bill date I get very disappointed with the Google team and they after sales service very very bad

    • I’m agree with you very bad service in india we all come together and send mail to CEO Google fight together we’ll get result pl contact me

  18. Hi

    I bought Google Pixel , just 1 month old and is restarting for all application opened ,

    Taken to service Center , he say the Screen is damaged , but i checked with several other stores to check if screen is damaged , but no one could find any damage,

    He is refusing to do FREE Services, Inst-ed asked to pay Rs 9500 + other to replace the screen and then only will take services as FREE.

  19. google phone r total unuse phone camera not proper display kwality bad phone oprating system bad
    hang phone only name google

  20. Hi this is Varun Bhargav, I am writing to you from Thane, Maharastra. The reason why I am writing because I can feel the pain of all those who shared their experience here. I bought Pixel 2XL from a local store and within a month it started troubling me. I loved its camera but the biggest issue I had with this phone is of heating. Every time I use the Camera or put it on charge it tends to heat up too much. I reached out official contact center and they have taken my device for repair and have given me a nexus 5X as a temporary device.

  21. Hey, I bought the Pixel 2XL from Flipkart and within 15days I noticed some flickering issues with the display. I reached out Flipkart they told me to contact Google and when I did that they gave me absurd reasoning of water damage. Now they are seeking Rs 30K from for repair.

  22. I Got a Pixel 2 XL form the US in November . Unfortunately a few weeks later there was accidental damage and I need to the get the screen fixed now . I call the Google helpline in India clearly mentioning all the details and they reassured me , explained the whole process and scheduled a pick up the next day . However when the tech guy from B2X came over he spoke to his Google supervisor on the phone and denied me the service or any kind of further assistance since my phone wasnt purchased from India . I requested him saying that I would pay for whatever the charges are but I need to get it repaired . He said B2X has no problem in repairing the phone but they can’t do it If Google doesn’t allow them to . So I called the helpline again angry at why they misguided me and wasted my time . They said they won’t help me and I should contact US Google instead . When I did that , the guy from US Google informed me that Google doesn’t repair accidentally damaged phones, they ask the users to go a third party for it in the US . And in my case he asked me to get it repaired from any HTC service centre in India since Google India completely denied any assistance . When I called HTC they told me that they don’t repair pixel 2 xl . I’ve wasted so much time and energy on this looking everywhere for one place to help me out .
    The phone was a gift from the first salary of my brother from his first ever visit to the US during a training programme . Spent 70 thousand Rupees on a phone that we’re getting no service for . I really regret trusting Google and making this purchase . So deeply disappointed with a global company like theirs . Should’ve bought the iPhone Instead.

    • U cay buy new screen from not .in and get it replaced by one of your known service centre or anyone of your friend the cost of new screen is around 215dollars and shipping around 78dollars get it

    • Exactly same happened to me even i brought Google pixel 2 xl from Green Park , Delhi India . Their Customer service is too bad to deal & buy any google product . For God sake guys avoid buy their products.
      Best Regards


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