Gboard is currently working on ways to highlight its inbuilt search presence in user’s eyes by transforming its logo according to content relevant to what is being typed. This content could be anything, from sticker to Google’s search bar, as well as GIFs.

The first tip related to this was received almost about a month ago. Now, it looks like the feature has already begun rolling out to a handful of devices. For better understanding, Gboard will now show a tooltip to stress on the relevant suggestions and a card that explains the new feature.

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What Exactly is Smart Search?

When a user is typing on the Gboard, the Google logo present in the predictive bar will automatically transform itself according to the content it has fetched to suggest. For example, it takes shape of a smiley when Google has smileys to suggest, into a GIF icon in case it has a related GIF to recommend, a search icon, and lots more. In the images below, the bar turns into a smiley face. On tapping, it suggests stickers related to “works for me” text.

The G logo can also turn into a search icon when names of known celebrities are typed, as in the below example with Emily Ratajkowski in the below images. On tapping this logo, it does a regular Google search provides info cards that can be shared.

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In the instance below, Google fetches a GIF icon as it gathers GIf content related to “heart” and “dog”.
The previous version of the Gboard logo was colorful G within a circle and worked in a similar manner, except for the design transformation feature that will be present in the updated version.
With this update, Google will simply be able to highlight what it already offers: find information, stickers, GIFs, and more in Gboard. There difference here is that suggestions pop up as soon as you enter the text in the message space and Google comes up with a content related to your text.

The smarter search feature is still being worked upon, so chances are that you might not be able to access this feature despite having the latest beta version.


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