Smartphones and photographic accessories maker, Digitek, has announced the launch of its 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer in India. The device, a high-precision equipment, promises fine quality seamless photography and video recording experience.

Digitek claims use of cutting-edge technologies and innovative tools in the production of its 3 Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer. This compact and portable device offers features that ensure smooth delivery of the intended services along with high accuracy.

Digitex 3-Axis Gimbal features

The 3 Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer performs organized and intuitive operations. The device’s ‘in-use’ charging feature lets the device function at full capacity even while it is running low on battery. The smartphone in use, here, can be simultaneously recharged while operating, thus saving the user downtime pause. The power ‘Off’ and ‘On’ buttons double as a point to switch between the photo mode (on 2 clicks of power button) and the video mode(on 3 clicks of power button) in the smartphone apart from serving its usual purpose of turning the device ‘off’ and ‘on’.

On connecting the mobile and stabilizer via Bluetooth, the ‘shoot’ feature operates in both photo and video modes based on the number of clicks that was given as input. The status of device activity is reflected on the status indicator panel. The Gimbal’s joystick is flexible in usage and can be adjusted accordingly.

The device operates in three resourceful modes: i.e. Pan & tilt follow mode, Pan following mode, and lock mode. On using the 3 Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer with mobile phones, additional features like face tracking, time lapse functions, smart object track, panorama shooting, zoom control etc come alive.

Digitek 3 Axis Smartphone Gimbal Price In India

The device is available on Amazon online and at select mobile accessory stores across India for Rs. 10,995.



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