China Releases LLM Based On The Political Philosophy Of Xi Jinping: Here’s What We Know

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The China Cyberspace Research Institute has released a new large language model (LLM). Unlike the LLMs available from companies like Google (Gemini) and OpenAI (ChatGPT), the regulator’s LLM is based on the political philosophy of Chinese President Xi Jinping. It is a closed AI system that relies on a limited database with relevant information. 

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The Chinese LLM Comes With A Limited Database 

As mentioned earlier, the closed LLM is rolled out by the Cyberspace Research Institute, which operates under the Cyberspace Administration of China. The LLM contains selected cyberspace themes that align with the government’s narrative, mentioning the South China Morning Post. The publication itself cites the information from a post published on the WeChat account of the administration’s magazine.

It Can Only Answer Queries Related To The President’s Political Philosophy

The administration post mentions “the professionalism and authority of the corpus ensure the professional quality of the generated content.” For those wondering, the core content of the LLM is based on Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Era. It includes the instructions given by the Chinese president on all political, social, and economic aspects. The philosophy has been a part of the Chinese constitution since 2018.

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Here’s What The New Chinese AI Model Can Do

The post suggests that the Chinese LLM can tackle a wide range of user queries. For instance, it can answer questions, outline reports, summarize information, and translate between two languages: Chinese and English. Further, the demonstrations for the tool showcase that it sources its answers from a fixed database of official documents and outlets of China.

Since the AI system is developed on the servers of China’s Cyberspace Research Institute, the data is processed locally for high security. However, the government-approved LLM isn’t available for public use yet. It is only available for demonstrations via designated invites. The limited launch comes amidst China’s push to implement AI to drive economic growth while maintaining a stiff hand on regulations.

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The Country Is Trying To Catch Up With US-Based AI Models

Given the exponential rise in popularity and the user base of chatbots developed by companies in the United States, the Chinese AI sector has been working to bridge the gap. China’s Baidu AI chatbot, for instance, surpassed the 200 million user mark last month. However, the market hasn’t been able to produce a proper competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s Gemini.

Most recently, OpenAI released its most advanced generative AI model, GPT-4o. This multimodal tool can interact with different forms of input, such as text, images, or audio. It runs on GPT-4.0 and significantly reduces the chatbot’s response time (similar to the natural conversation gap between two humans). The new tool offers high-level intelligence, can analyze data and help users visualize it, chat about photos, and help summarize content.

At the Google I/O 2024, the Alphabet-owned company announced the new Gemini 1.5 Pro. The tool comes with a longer context window, up to one million tokens, about 1500 pages of text. Further, the company also announced the rollout of Gemini Advanced to over 150 countries and in 35 languages. Other features announced at the event include document upload for Gemini Advanced, integration with other Google apps, and search and assistant-related capabilities.

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