OnePlus 6T Mclaren Edition display
Apart from Wallpaper the display remains the same

Changing lock screen wallpaper seems to be the simplest thing to do on an Android phone. All you need to do is select a wallpaper and your phone or the third party wallpaper app will simply prompt you with an option to apply it on the home screen, lock screen or both.

That’s not how it works on Oxygen OS in OnePlus phones. We got a few queries asking us how we could change lock screen wallpaper on OnePlus 6T. To cut the long story short, here is how you can do it.

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Steps to change lock screen wallpaper on OnePlus Phones

Step 1: long press any empty area on the home screen and select wallpaper.

Step 2: Now you will notice two thumbnails in the upper half, one of them represents the lock screen, and the other represents your home screen. Slide and select the miniature lock screen.

Step 3: Now select the appropriate wallpaper you wish to apply from the roaster in the bottom half.

That’s it.

Change Lock screen wallpaper on OnePlus Phones

Apart from on-device options, you can also select ‘Shot on OnePlus’ for more cool options. Of course, you can always use third-party apps like Muzei, Google Wallpapers or others as alternatives. Since OnePlus 5T now has an 18:9 display panel, you can also consider default wallpapers by Samsung, LG, and Other OEMs.



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