OnePlus’ recently launched OnePlus 5T is now up and running. The phone is now available for sale in India and has received a tremendous response from its fans. OnePlus 5T is a real treat for people who had eagerly waited for 18:9 display on the OnePlus phones.

We received our review unit last night and while we took it for a spin through the quite of the night, the first thing we noticed was that its little-too-powerful vibration motor. The Vibration won’t go away even when you toggle the alert slider to the silent mode. By default, the phone acknowledges your touches on the navigation bar, keyboard and other places with a distracting ‘hmmm’. Here is how you can tone down the vibration or switch it off completely.

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Disable Vibration in Alert-Slider

As seen on other OnePlus devices, the OnePlus 5T also has the alert-slider placed on the left-edge of the phone. The little three-stage switch lets you quickly toggle between notification priorities. It may be handy but its touch vibration in silent mode can be a bit annoying

How to turn it off? Two-slides up your alert slider (this will put your phone in silent mode), and tap on the Setting icon next to it. A screen will pop-up that will let you disable touch-vibration.

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How to reduce vibration intensity on OnePlus 5T

Else, you can tone down the intensity of vibration if you don’t want to permanently disable it on your OnePlus 5T.

Adjust Vibration Intensity: Jump to Settings menu > Tap on Sound & Vibration > Select Vibration Intensity > Click on Vibrate On Tap. Control the intensity according to your need.

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How To Permanently Disable Vibration On OnePlus 5T

Moreover, if you are not a big fan of touch-vibration you have the option to permanently shut it down or disable it.

How to do that: To achieve that, again jump to Settings menu > Tap on Sound & Vibration and Enable the switch next to Vibrate on tap.

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How To Disable Keyboard Vibration On OnePlus 5T

You can always enjoy the touch vibration on the screen and navigational bar, but disable it on the keyboard for smooth texting.

Disable just the Keyboard Vibration: Go to Settings menu > Tap on Language & input > Select Virtual Keyboard > click on Gboard and select Preferences. The follow-up screen will give you the option to disable the Vibrate on Keypress.

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