Blackberry has been seemed off from the show for quite some time as Apple and Android have almost captured the market totally. Blackberry has been lately focusing on physical keyboard smartphones, but now seems like Blackberry has come to an understanding with the fact associated with success of the touch-screen smartphones. And thus Blackberry teased the mobile world with the new Blackberry Leap, a full HD touchscreen device with a slide-out keyboard. And reportedly, BlackBerry has seen a remarkable upsurge in its profits in the last quarter of this financial year.


Right since John Chen has taken over the CEO of BlackBerry, he has been all wits and efforts for thee company to rise up in the fierce battle which has seemed to be mostly consumed by Android smartphones. “Our focus this past year was on getting our financial house in order while creating a multi-year growth strategy and investing in our product portfolio,” Chen said on Friday in a prepared statement. “We now have a very good handle on our margins, and our product roadmaps have been well received.”

In the last quarter, the company generated a revenue on 1.3 million BlackBerry phone sales, with 1.6 million devices sold to customers. This is unchanged from a year ago when the company also recognized revenue on 1.3 million BlackBerry phones, although back then BlackBerry also said it sold 3.4 million phones to customers.


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