Wireless gadgets bring convenience to our way of living. When it comes to working in a corporate office, general office, or even during work from home, productivity remains at the forefront. Working on desktops or laptops for long hours can easily be accomplished when you have a wireless keyboard or mouse or both.

There are a variety of wireless keyboards and mouse combinations available to choose from. But still, narrowing down on suitable options is easier said than done. To make your job simpler, we have figured out a list of wireless keyboards and mice that you can pick from.

1. Logitech MK215 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The Logitech MK215 wireless keyboard and mouse offers a reliable wireless connection. The keyboard has a sleek design with a 36 per cent smaller size than standard keyboards but still manages with all keys and num pad. The mouse features a high definition optical technology for smooth and responsive cursor control. 

The keyboard battery can last up to 2 years and the mouse for up to 5 months using two AAA batteries. Just in case, a connection with USB ports is also available. Also, the keyboard comes with features like hotkeys. The two gadgets are made up of high-quality material to provide higher durability.

Price: Rs 1,195 | Buy Link

2. HP Multimedia Slim Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo (4SC12PA)

The HP 4SC12PA wireless keyboard & mouse combo comes in an ultra-slim design, sealed membrane for overall protection, and brush metal finish. The two gadgets connect with 2.4G wireless technology with a 10m working range and a nano-receiver. 

The keyboard boasts 104 keys with an additional 8 hotkeys and comes with quality keys offering softness and silence. The mouse has a professional optical sensor with a direct DPI switch. The keyboard and mouse are compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.

Price: Rs 1,649 | Buy Link

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3. Dell Km117 Wireless Keyboard Mouse

The Dell Km117 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse connect with 2.4GHz wireless technology. The full-size keyboard with responsive chiclet keys makes typing comfortable, while multimedia shortcut keys provide quick access to audio and video functions. The mouse sports a full-size laser design offering point and clicks with precision using fast-tracking. The combination sports a sleek, compact design that will fit comfortably into any desktop setup.

Price: Rs 1,380 | Buy Link

4. Lenovo 100 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

The Lenovo combo of keyboard and mouse comes with a stylish and compact design to consistently perform the job. The gadgets offer spill-resistant keys to ensure multi-tasking while sipping your cup of tea or coffee during the work. The wireless connection is established using the USB dongles. 

The mouse works perfectly with both left and right hands exhibiting ambidextrous features. The Lenovo 100 wireless keyboard & mouse has passed rigorous testing simulations to ensure maximum reliability.

Price: Rs 1,399 | Buy Link

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5. Portronics Key2 Combo of Multimedia Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

The Portronics Key2 combo has a stylish and ergonomic design to deliver a mini wireless keyboard and mouse. The compact size of the keyboard helps to save space on the working desk. The keys have a scissor-switch structure to offer a resilient, quiet, and comfortable typing experience.

The mouse runs on the optical technology that ensures a fast and smooth scrolling. The gadgets use two AA batteries and are enabled to go on sleep mode when not in use for 3 continuous minutes. This brings extra life to the battery back up. 

Price: Rs 1,049 | Buy Link


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