Online shopping has changed the way we used to shop. Gone are the days when we had to plan in advance and make time for shopping. In last few years, things have changed and changed for the good. Especially in India, which still lacks in terms of technology in comparison to flourishing western online supermarkets, online shopping offers a win-win situation for both sellers  and – more importantly – buyers.

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However, I am not here to enlist benefits online shopping offers over brick-and-mortar stores. Solo purpose for me to write this article is to share some simple tips that can protect you against online frauds which are very common these days. Here are few tips you must follow while shopping online to ensure no-one steals your money.


Buy from Trusted Sites:

First step to protect yourself from forgery is to stay away from dubious websites and sellers. Unlike trustworthy sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon there is a number of questionable sites operating on the boundless Internet. Such sites lure customers with fake offers and steep discounts to steal their money.

As a safety measure online always prefer to shop from website with ‘.com’ domain or ‘.net’ and stay away from sites that open in a pop-up window while surfing on the net.


Only Shop From HTTPS Secure Stores:

Before you enter your debit/ credit card or net banking credentials on any site, always check whether a website is HTTPS secure. To ascertain that, just take a quick glance at your URL before paying online. If you see a green color lock symbol or https://, feel free to continue with your transaction. However, if “s” is missing from http:// you are advised to opt out or choose cash-on-delivery as the payment mode.


Beware of Email Scams:

Nowadays, cybercriminals are also actively filling everyone’s mailbox with scam emails especially during festive season.  Scammers create fake emails with irresistible lucrative deals which force readers to get tangled in their phishing trap. Be careful with emails advertising mega-deals and deep discounts.


Always Download Apps From Trusted Source:

Today every e-tailer offers its own app for mobile shopping. These apps are very convenient for shopping on the go. Shoppers should always download shopping apps from a trusted marketplace like Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon Stores. For better safety, before downloading any application users should check comments from other users on the app store and app’s rating to avoid any online mishap.

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DE_BlogOnly Go Shopping From Secure Networks:

For your own safety, one should never indulge in an online transaction on a public network. Public networks are one of the easiest places for hackers to steal your otherwise confidential information. So if you are connected to a public network in a restaurant or railway station always restrict yourself to window-shopping only.


As the German Poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe notes – ‘precaution is always better than cure’. If any online shopper stays vigilant, has a proper antivirus and anti-spyware protection and keeps an eye on his monthly statement, he can certainly save big bucks with online shopping.


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