Today, Qualcomm Technologies unveiled three new mobile platforms, viz. the Snapdragon 720G, 662 and 460. They usher in fast 4G connectivity speeds, Wi-Fi 6, integrated Bluetooth 5.1 with advanced audio capabilities via the Qualcomm FastConnect 6-series subsystems.

From their positioning, it seems they will be defter than the Snapdragon 660, but not quite as dexterous as the SD665. Let’s have a look at their features for now.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 features

The Snapdragon 662 has the Kryo 260 CPU with a 4+4 core structure. This consists of up to four Cortex-A73 performance cores and four Cortex-A53 efficiency ones. The die is shared by Adreno 610 GPU and a Hexagon 683 DSP. There is support for Qualcomm FastConnect 6100 as well.

As for the ISP, the Spectre 340T is compatible with 48MP photo capture, HEIF, smooth zooming, triple-lens configuration, better night photography, and biometric authentication.

A key selling point for this new chip could turn out to be its support for NavIC. Yes, this is the first system-on-chip solution to feature Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC).

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Further, you also get enhanced AI user experiences with increased contextual
awareness across various fields such as photography, voice assistants, and virtually always-on scenarios. Thank the Qualcomm AI Engine and Qualcomm Sensing Hub for the same.

Amongst other things, there is support for Wifi-6 and Snapdragon X11 LTE modem also vaunts snappier download speeds up to 390 Mbps in dint of 2-carrier aggregation, 2×2 MIMO, and 256-QAM modulation. Even, the uploads can go up to 150 Mbps.

When will we see Snapdragon 662 Phones?

We will have to wait long for the devices running on SD662. As reports suggest a year-end arrival.

“Today’s smartphone users want fast, seamless connectivity, advanced features, and long-lasting battery life,” said Kedar Kondap, vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “This expansion of our 4G lineup enables our partners to offer sophisticated solutions that meet global demand and enable a remarkable gaming experience across multiple tiers and price segments.”


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