The Samsung Galaxy J7 NXT is the latest edition of Samsung’s J7 series that holds pretty interesting features and a sense of nostalgia to it.

The phone’s design looks somewhat similar to the early edition of Galaxy device, with minor tweaks, and it’s offered in black and gold color variants. The company has priced the product at Rs. 11, 490.

We have compiled a list of back covers and cases for your Samsung Galaxy J7 NXT device that will shield it against the course of daily wear and tear. Let’s proceed.

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Cap America Case Cover by Treecase

Does it need any explanation? The cover is Captain America protected. The silicon cover adjusts well to the Samsung Galaxy J7 NXT, and protects all four corners of the phone. The cover looks enchanting and also lends an excellent grip to the phone.

Buy it from here

Transparent Case cover by Sciforce

This transparent cover protects your phone and lets you enjoy the aesthetics of the Samsung Galaxy J7 NXT. If you want to flaunt your new Galaxy handset, the transparent cover is what you should side with.

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Designer Case by Treecase

This cute looking designer case is a funky printed case for anyone with a eccentric taste. The cover adds an all-round protection to all the four corners of the phone. The silicon material used in the case makes it extremely light weight allows you to easily install and remove from the phone.

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Quote Case Cover by Treecase

We all need an inspiration to keep us going, and this case cover for your Samsung Galaxy J7 NXT will inspire you. The cover is exclusively built to protect your Galaxy J7 Max from scratches and accidental drops. Once the cover is on there is “Nothing To Lose And Everything To Win!”

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Tempered Glass

The Samsung Galaxy J7 NXT screen is as much vulnerable to scratches and damage as the phone’s body. To protect and keep it shiny you can choose from the tempered glasses mention below:

Tempered Glass by Smartlike – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by ZYNK – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by Caseline – Buy it from here


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