Best Mini Fridges (Refrigerators) you can buy in India

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Mini Fridge is an appliance that is portable and handy and can be used in hotel rooms, dorms, offices, or homes and shops. Mini Refrigerators are a very important appliance to have for people looking for cooling needs in a small/limited space. Imagine while sleeping you feel thirsty and you have to walk to your kitchen. This is when a small fridge comes into use.

The Mini Fridges can range anywhere between 30L to 100L or more. They look small but provide unmatched cooling and comfort at competitive prices. These fridges can store water bottles, food, or more depending on your needs. These are easy to use and require minimum maintenance.

How can a Mini Refrigerator be used?

A Mini Refrigerator can be kept in your room or bedside and you will not have to walk to the kitchen in the middle of the night to drink water. If you live in a hostel or dorm room, these small fridges can come in handy. Like recently, I stayed at a cottage in a resort and there was a mini fridge where I could chill water bottles as per need, store chocolates I had to keep them from melting, and more.

A mini fridge is also called a small fridge, a small refrigerator, a compact refrigerator, a portable refrigerator, or a mini cooler. Top brands like LG, Kelvinator, Godrej, Leonard & BPL offer stunning mini fridge models that range between 7-8k and 20k. Read on to know the best small refrigerators currently available in India.

Best Mini Fridge you can buy in the Summer of 2023

1. LG 45L Mini Refrigerator

Price- Rs. 9990

FeaturesLG 45L Mini Refrigerator is designed to give a fresh and healthy experience for the customer. It comes with adjustable shelves for optimal storage and a direct cool system for maximum comfort. It can be used to cool small items like bottles, cans, fruits, veggies, and medicines. The small fridge has an elegant metal body and a premium solid design. There are no interior lights or door lock but it comes with 5 storage compartments, an adjustable temperature knob, and a 45L storage capacity.

2. Godrej 30L Qube Personal Cooling Fridge

Price- Rs. 7790

Features- Godrej 30L Qube Personal Cooling Mini Fridge is highly compact and needs no defrosting. It has Advanced Solid-State Technology powered by a small thermoelectric chip that provides high-energy efficient cooling. It can cool in up to 32-degree temperatures and keeps food fresh for longer. It is easy to clean and has a 5 cm thick PUF Insulation for maximum cooling retention. The Mini Fridge has an easy slide tray at the bottom along with interior lights, super silent operation, and is made in India.

3. Leonard USA 52L Mini Fridge

Price- Rs. 20,990

Features- The Leonard USA 52L Mini Refrigerator comes with a Powerful Cooling System with Inverter Technology. It is a heavy-duty small fridge that comes with energy efficient compressor for chilled drinks. It has an elegant design and a large capacity with 2 adjustable shelves. The Mini refrigerator is energy star certified by US Environmental Protection Agency and the US. Department of Energy for the highest quality standard. The fridge has a deluxe look and a see-through double layered toughened glass front door and luxurious blue LED interior lights. It doesn’t need to be defrosted and comes with deodorization, light isolation, low noise operation, and a super tight door seal. Its temperature can be adjusted between 4 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius.

4. Kelvinator 45L Mini Refrigerator

Price- Rs. 10,199

Features- Kelvinator Mini Fridge is designed with user comfort in mind and convenience of both size and features. The mini fridge has a sturdy door bottle holder which is adequately spacious and comes with a special chiller section for extra cooling. The fridge comes with anti-bacterial technology to keep fungus and germs away. It has toughened glass shelves for heavier loads so can keep anything without worrying. The Gasket is removable and easy to clean which provides extra hygiene and it uses R600a refrigerant that is eco-friendly & non-hazardous. It has an adjustable temperature knob, reversible door, door lock, stabilizer-free operation, and 5 years of warranty on the compressor.

5. Tropicool PortaChill Black 5L Refrigerator

Price- Rs. 4,949

Features- Tropicool PortaChill 5L Fridge is a small size, high-efficiency, chiller and warmer that fits elegantly on the tabletop of your office, gym, or room. It is multifunctional as it can be kept in a car as well. It can fit 2 0.5L bottles or 6 cans and comes with a Hot & Cold Switch. The fridge is user-friendly, maintenance-free, and takes 110-240 volts. It comes with a magnetic lock for the front door and has an adjustable panel for bottles, cans, and food items. It is available in 3 shades and can store baby food, insulin, and cosmetics and it is easy to carry on the go.

6. LG 43L 4 Star Direct Cool Mini Refrigerator

Price- Rs. 9990

Features- LG 43L 4-Star Direct Cool Fridge is an economical and stylish mini appliance that is a good option for homes and offices. It has a 43L capacity and will level up the décor of your kitchen. It has a 4-star rating and performs direct cool operation with R600a refrigerant. The fridge is small and easy to move. It comes in a white shade.

7. BPL 45L Mini Bar Refrigerator

Price- Rs. 10,200

Features- BPL 45L Mini Bar Refrigerator comes with a chiller tray for beverages and small water bottles to keep them extra cool. It is black and comes with a curved door design metal door shell for a good-looking experience. It has an automatic closing door with a hinge that automatically closes from a 110-degree angle if accidentally left open. The fridge has adjustable legs that can be placed anywhere. Veggie crisper optional space provided where a vegetable crisper box can be placed.

8. Blue Star VC65D Single Door Mini Cooler

Price- Rs. 13,806

Features- Blue Star VC65D Single Door Mini Cooler comes with a capacity of 55L and is black. It has a single door and glass finish with a solid design. The compressor comes with R600A refrigerant and there is a provision for locking this fridge. There are 3 shelves inside for better placement of items.

9. Winston Mini Fridge/ Thermoelectric Cooler

Price- Rs. 6293

Features- Winston Mini Fridge can chill products up to 20 degrees Celsius and heat products up to 45-55 degree Celsius. It comes with a mains power plug and a car adapter which means you can carry it on the go. The mini fridge comes with removable shelves and can store up to 6L of products. There is no compressor startup noise or vibration noise and it can be used to store medicines, skincare products, essential oils, and eatables.

10. Blue Star Water Dispenser with Mini Refrigerator

Price- Rs. 9980

FeaturesBlue Star Water Dispenser with Small Fridge has a capacity of 14L and a normal standing design. The fridge is towards the bottom and can be used to chill whatever you want. It cannot be used on the go as it is large in height. There are 2 compartments wherein the top one is larger than the bottom one. It is available in white and black shades.

FAQs on Mini Refrigerators in India

1. What are the benefits of using Mini Refrigerators in India?

The primary benefits of using mini-fridges are their ability to be easily moved and take up less space. They are compact and come with adequate storage and cooling. They are light on the pocket and have great features.

2. What is the price of a Small Fridge in India?

The price depends on various factors like brand, capacity, features, and more. A Small Refrigerator can cost anywhere between Rs. 7000 to Rs. 20,000.

3. What can be stored in a Mini Fridge?

Mini Fridges can store almost anything like regular-sized veggies, food, fruits, soda, water bottle, cold drinks, and more. These fridges are not apt for those items which need a high level of cooling. Always check the temperature capability of the mini fridge before purchasing it.

4. What is the difference between a mini fridge and a wine cooler?

The main difference between a mini fridge and a wine cooler is the temperature range. Mini fridges have temperature ranges between 35 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit, while wine coolers start at a minimum of 46 degrees Fahrenheit to accommodate appropriate wine storage temperatures.

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