Samsung refrigerators

Samsung has launched SpaceMax, its side-by-side refrigerator series in India. The refrigerator comes with extremely thin doors that increases the storage space within. This feature called SpaceMax technology is an efficient way of increasing capacity of your food inventory.

Samsung refrigerators

Speaking of cooling, here again, this one claims a checkmark in optimum temperature management. It does this by blowing cold air through multiple vents, thus cooling the entire fridge evenly.

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The company also claims that the digital inverter of this brand-new Samsung refrigerator series could save energy up to 50 percent. The inverter is certified for 21-year lifespan durability. Samsung also offers a 10-year warranty for high-quality components.

Coming to other features, the three-door model refrigerator also bears two fridges and one freezer. The company offers customizable storage option including the upper and lower fridge areas. Another model with the ice and water dispenser cum water filter comes with a large water tank in which you could add mineral or fresh water and enjoy chilled drinks or ice.

Samsung refrigerators

The list of bells and whistles goes further with Power Cool and Power Freeze. You could use the Power Cool feature to blow cold air to quickly cool groceries or drinks with the touch of a button. And as for the Power Freeze feature, a fast blast of cold air is winded into the freezer which could be used to freeze the food or for making ice.

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Samsung SpaceMax Series Pricing and Availability

Samsung has priced the multiple variants of the fridge as follows:

  • 2-door refrigerator at a starting price of Rs 1,06,990 (Buy here).
  • 2-door refrigerator with ice & water dispenser will be priced at Rs 1,25,990 (Buy here).
  • The 3-door model lineup starts at Rs 1,16,990.

Samsung SpaceMax refrigerator series would be available at all retail stores and Samsung Shop from April 22, 2019.


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