The Indian smartphone firm, Micromax, is back on track. The company has introduced a new handset, Micromax Canvas Infinity, which sports an end to end display on the front that too for an affordable price (Full Specs).

But the real price you pay for an end to end display with narrow bezels is the more risk of damage with each drop. If you don’t want to shatter that beautiful screen, it’s only wise that you use a solid protective case and screen protector.

We have compiled a list of back covers and cases that will keep your Micromax Canvas Infinity safe and protected.

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Micromax Canvas Infinity Transparent Cover by Zynk Case

First up, is the transparent case for your Micromax Canvas Infinity phone. The advantage of this cover is that it doesn’t obscure the looks of the phone, it keeps it real so that you can admire the beautiful curves of the phone and even protect it, side by side.

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Micromax Canvas Infinity Back Cover by Zynk Case

Next, we have a black body cover for your Micromax Canvas Infinity. The case is custom designed for this phone, which means that it will perfectly cover the device. The cover very dutifully protects the phone from bumps, scratches, and damages caused by inadvertent drops.

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Micromax Canvas Infinity Case by Lofad Case

Here, we have a sleek case cover for the Micromax Canvas Infinity smartphone. This back cover is made from the silicone material, which keeps it light weight and protects the phone is safe from scratches and marks.

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Micromax Canvas Infinity Flip cover by Zynk Case

The flip cover is the best way to keep your Micromax Canvas Infinity safe and brand new. The cover is made from leather and fits perfectly to the phone’s body, screen, and edges. Apart from keeping the phone away from accidental damage, the cover also protects it from dust and damages.

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Micromax Canvas Infinity Printed Cover by Treecase

Here we have a printed case cover for your Micromax Canvas Infinity device. The protective cover has a textured finish at the back, which adds to the overall look of the phone. The cover is made from a silicone material and covers each part of the phone, perfectly, keeping it away from minor accidental damage.

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Micromax Canvas Infinity Superhero Case by Treecase

Get your Micromax Canvas Infinity protected by this Captain America back cover. The cover is exclusively designed for the infinity device to keep it away from damages, scratches, and bumps. If you are a big superhero fan then this case is for you.

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Micromax Canvas Infinity Tempered Glass

The wide screen display of the Micromax Canvas Infinity and the plastic edges scream only one thing, you need to protect the phone’s screen the way you are protecting its body. So, apply a good-tempered glass on the screen.

Trouble finding one? you can take our help:

Tempered Glass by Zynk Case – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by Johra – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by MGRG – Buy it from here

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