HDMI cables are the unsung heroes of our home entertainment or work setup. They enable us a great viewing level on your TV or Projector. The latest HDMI 2.1 standard has become the talk of the town as it is capable of delivering 8k video resolution with higher frame rates. The HDMI 2.1 cables work suitably in connecting TV, home theatres, and soundbars to create a complete entertainment setup. They provide a reliable solution to connect a laptop with a big screen monitor for an improved experience.

Before buying an HDMI 2.1 cable, there are a few factors that one should keep in mind.

Latest Standard Support: Since the 2.1 standard is the latest in technology, it brings a high transfer speed of up to 48Gbps while delivering up to 8k@60hz resolution. The previous generation HDMI cables were limited to stream 4k content.

Build Quality: The construction of the HDMI cable plays an important role in its durability and performance. An HDMI cable with a gold-plated interface is regarded as ideal for smooth performance.

Audio and Video Standards: Modern HDMI cables are meant to support high-end video standards like HDR10+, HDR, and Dolby Vision. Also, the HDMI 2.1 delivers a superior audio output with Dolby Atmos and DTS- X support.

Length of cable: Before making a purchase, you should figure out the length of the HDMI cable that will be required to connect your devices.

Here is the curated list of the best HDMI 2.1 cables that you should consider buying to enhance your entertainment and comfort.


The UGREEN HDMI Cable supports the latest HDMI 2.1 standard allowing to provide video resolution for up to 8k at 60Hz. The cable is functional to achieve an ultra HD cinematic experience and 3D visual effects. It is compatible with 8K 50Hz, 4K 120Hz UHD, 4K 100Hz, and more resolutions. The cable delivers a high transfer rate of up to 48Gbps without any signal loss. It provides a more vivid picture with dynamic HDR and supports standards like Dolby Vision HDR, HDR 10+, etc. For a better experience, the cable creates a perfect balance of audio and sound formats.

Price: Rs 869 | BUY LINK

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2. CableCreation 8K HDMI Cable

CableCreation HDMI 2.1 Cable features 24k gold-plated connectors and a sleek aluminium shell with three-layer shielding that minimizes signal interference. The cable is compatible with most HDMI-compatible audiovisual devices. It supports higher video resolution and refresh rates of 8k at 60Hz and 4k at 120Hz/60Hz, 1080p, and compatibility with a lower standard. It has a wide portfolio of compatible devices and high performance with all of them. You can pick the CableCreation HDMI cable for a lag-free gaming and uninterrupted viewing experience.

Price: Rs 1,079 | BUY LINK

3. DHIVIS Certified HDMI 2.1 Cable

The DHIVIS HDMI 2.1 Cable is Ultra Certified for 8k support offering top-class features in this category. The transfer speed of the cable is 48Gbps. It supports the top standards for video and audio including Dolby Vision, HDR10+, Dolby Atmos, and DTS- X. The variable refresh rate feature reduces the lagging problems by adjusting the frame rate as per needs. The cable is suitable to be used with monitors for smooth gaming. It helps in creating 3D and cinema visual effects.

Price: Rs 3,100 | BUY LINK

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4. QGeeM HDMI 2.1 Cable

The QGeeM HDMI 2.1 Cable comes with gold-plated connectors, aluminum casing, and PVC body cable for flexibility and durability. It provides an 8K HD quality transmission to meet the latest standards. It enhances every moment value from the picture for depth, detailing, and brightness. The cable supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport, and an enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC).

Price: Rs 1,106 | BUY LINK

5. Ivanky 8K HDMI Cable

The Ivanky HDMI Cable is constructed with advanced material that includes a slim and lighter zinc alloy one-piece shell for corrosion-resistant. The 24k gold-plated interface is said to conduct faster with a stable signal for long hours. The nylon braided jacket provides extra flexibility to the cable. It brings 48Gbps transmission speed for a clear view.  The cable supports up to 8K@60Hz backward compatibility. It provides support to 48-bit deep colour, Dolby TrueHD 7.1 audio, and Hotplugging, and Audio Return Channel (ARC)

Price: Rs 1,913 | BUY LINK


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