Google has released the developer preview version of Android 12L at this year’s Android Dev Summit. It is a new variant of the Android 12 custom tweaked for large screen devices like foldable phones, tablets, and Chrome OS laptops. The search engine giant has also released APIs to support the software on the Android 12L emulator and Android Studio.  

For regular users, it would be arriving as a feature drop early next year.

Android 12L Developer Preview Features and Details

Basically, the Android 12L is meant for all devices with a screen above 600 DPI. Google has refined the UI for better ease of use on such large screens. For better operation, the 12L comes with a new two-column layout during both lock and unlock mode. It enables better access to notifications and quick settings including display brightness, networks, clock, etc. It also offers a virtual button for switching off or restarting the device. 

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Since big screen devices are often preferred by multi-tasking users, Google has added a taskbar feature similar to iPadOS for launching and switching apps instantly. It works on a drag-and-drop basis and enhances Android’s existing split-screen mode.

For Android applications that are not optimized for tablets and foldable phones, Google introduces a compatibility mode that optimizes the app to function better on the given screen dimensions and resolution. Also, Google allows app developers to better tailor UI elements like aspect ratio, rounded corners, and color combination.

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With the rise in demand for tablets and the introduction of more foldable phones in the post-pandemic market, a specialized Android update from Google for the said devices is much appreciable. The Mountain-Valley giant is closely working with OEMs to ensure the rollout process is smooth as possible. Although the general availability would still take time, developers can visit the 12L developer preview page and download the 12L emulator to experience and test this new software.


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