A portable Bluetooth speaker has slowly evolved to be a must have in every music lover’s collection of gadgets. However hard they may try, the audio systems that come integrated with even the most high-end smartphone just cannot match up to the audio quality offered by quality external speakers.

The market today is replete with quality portable speakers that connect to most devices and can be obtained without the need to break the bank. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for in a speaker- water resistance, dust proofing, Bluetooth connectivity – you name it and there’s one available to suit your need.

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Here are a few of them that you can opt for, if you are the kinds who, literally, like to party till they drop (even if it is on a shoestring budget):

JBL Flip 2


Another product from a company known primarily for its loudspeakers and other related electronics, it is touted to be one of the best in their range.

Boasting of a dual 40mm driver setup along with a 2x6W power output, the Flip 2 is a great buy. More so as its price has reduced by more than half ever since the JBL Flip 3 came into play.

Other features of the Flip 2 include a custom tuned inbuilt bass port and an inbuilt microphone that can be used to receive calls. Throw in additional noise canceling technologies and the Flip 2 is a steal at the price it comes along with.

Price Rs. 3,499/- (Buy)


  • Great sound quality
  • Inbuilt microphone to answer calls
  • Bluetooth and NFC connectivity
  • Available in multiple color options


  • Average Battery backup
  • Ineffective bass
  • Quite heavy

Logitech X300


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The Logitech X300 comes in a cylindrical shape that can be placed both vertically as well as horizontally. It has a self-proclaimed battery backup of 5 hours along with a range of 25m from the audio source.

The X300 works primarily to accentuate the bass of the audio and has a dedicated down-firing passive radiator in order to deliver powerful and deep bass.

It features a compact textured design that’s probably there to ensure that the sound does not get muffled. The X300 features soft press buttons for Bluetooth and volume on the top along with the Power button and an LED at the back for notification alert.

Also, the X300 can be used to make and receive calls, courtesy a built-in microphone.

Price – Rs. 2,819/- (Buy)


  • Compact design
  • Inbuilt Microphone
  • Can be used to make and answer calls


  • Sound distorts at max volume
  • Average battery life



This is another offering from the America-based company and comes at a relatively lower price than the JBL Flip 2. The JBL Go is so small that it can easily fit into your pockets but it does not let its size defy its performance.

The sound quality delivered by it can give a tough competition to speakers that cost twice as much. The speaker has a power output of 3W and packs a 600mAh battery that boasts of a 5-hour battery backup.

The JBL Go also has an inbuilt microphone and noise canceling technology that enables hands-free calling through it.

Price – Rs. 2,099/- (Buy)


  • Compact design
  • Fairly affordable
  • Bluetooth and AUX support
  • Comes in multiple color variants


  • A bit too small
  • No carrying case
  • Single driver means sub-bass sounds are virtually absent

Jabra Solemate


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The speaker is a product of the Danish which is hugely popular in Europe and USA and manufactures IT accessories, such as mobiles and headphones. The Solemate is a compact speaker that has a body made up of polycarbonate and rubber which apparently resembles a sneaker apart from saving it from knocks and falls.

The Solemate features a 2.1 speaker setup and is both Bluetooth and NFC compliant. The device has a power output of 9W and reportedly has a battery backup of 9 hours.

Along with that, the Jabra Solemate comes with a waterproof covering and an in-built bass radiator.

Price – Rs. 6,499/- (Buy)


  • Elegant waterproof design
  • Allows streaming of music
  • NFC and Bluetooth enabled
  • 3.5mm jack


  • Bit heavy
  • No memory card slot

Creative Muvo 20


It is being said that the Muvo 20 is a cheaper version of the Muvo Mini. The device has a power output of 2x6W and is both NFC and Bluetooth compliant. It packs a 2,000mAH battery that can also function as a power bank.

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The Muvo 20 is compatible with almost every Windows computer there is along with Apple’s MacIntosh, provided it has A2DP-enabled Bluetooth technology. It features a Bluetooth button that can be used to pick up or end calls and comes replete with a 3.5mm audio jack.

Price – Rs. 4,990/- (Buy)


  • Both NFC and Bluetooth compatible
  • Has a 3.5mm jack
  • Can be connected to PCs
  • Also functions as a power bank


  • Comes without charger
  • Distortion at high volumes


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