Apple iPhones with USB Type-C ports soon to become reality

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The feud going on between the European Union and Apple seems to have come to an end. Apple will ‘have to comply with the mandate issued by European Union to make all smartphones compatible with USB Type-C charging ports. A report by Bloomberg suggested that the change in iPhone charging ports could go live by the next year. It clearly suggests that we may get to see iPhone 15 series shipping with the USB Type-C charging port. Another thing that puts a stamp on the statement is that the EU mandate will come into effect by 2024.

Apple vs EU on the universal charging port

Joswiak spoke at the Wall Street Journal conference that Apple would follow the European Union law as the company follows any other laws. He further mentioned that the company had not so a good experience with the EU due to the charger issue going on for decades. Previously, Apple was suggested to switch to micro-USB ports. He concluded his statement by saying that the invention of lightning ports and USB-C ports would not have taken place if Apple had agreed to switch to micro-USB ports.

What will be the impact?

Now, even imagining that Apple will transition from using lightning ports to USB-C ports sounds like something worth noticing. Another thing to consider here is that a large amount of Apple’s revenue comes from adapters and lightning cables. The cable also helps in distinguishing between Android phones and iPhones. This also works as a barrier for customers using iPhones as they cannot use just any charger for their iPhones.

Apple, in its explanation, said that the change is going to be a reason behind more waste release. Moreover, the company also said that the transition would be a difficult one to make for iPhone users who are in the habit of using lightning ports. However, there was no negative reaction from the audience when Apple switched to USB Type-C ports for iPads and Macs.

Talking about the conditions of change, it is still not clear whether Apple will bring the change in port globally or only for the European market. Keeping in mind that more and more countries are slowly enforcing universal standards, it would be a smart decision to drop the lightning port completely.

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