EU mandates manufacturers to use single USB-C ports on devices by 2024

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If you have kept an eye on the tech news, you would be familiar with how the European Union (EU) is trying to harmonize the tech industry by promoting the use of a common charger type. Cut to now, the order has been agreed upon by the EU countries and the lawmakers wherein they have agreed on using a single mobile charging port for use on cameras, tablets, and mobile phones among other devices. It marks the world’s first order that would discourage the use of different charging ports which is very fragmented thanks to the use of lighting ports, USB-C ports, and micro-USB ports among others.

EU sets out to keep USB-C as a single and common charging port by 2024

According to the European Commission, this move will make the lives of the consumers easier and help them save money they would otherwise spend on buying chargers to use with their new phones. An estimated 250 million Euros is expected to the savings that the population can save going forward with this deal as per EU industry chief Thierry Breton.

According to the stats, half of the population in the EU is using micro-USB ports while 29% belong to USB-C, and 21% resort to lighting ports. With the new order in place, tech companies will have time till autumn of 2024 when they will have to launch their devices using a single and common charging port aka USB-C. It is primarily used by Android devices while Apple devices use lighting ports instead for some reason.

Apple has planned to roll out iPhone devices with USB-C ports as early as next year although these are speculations at the moment. With the new order in place, it will end the market fragmentation making it easier for the EU population to use the same charging for n number of devices. The deal includes mobiles, tablets, cameras, laptops, computer mice, keyboards, earbuds, e-readers, and portable navigation devices among others that the manufacturers will have to take a look at when releasing the devices in the future months.

The EU has maintained that laptop manufacturers have 40 months at their disposal to harmonize the charging ports. It further added that wireless charging systems will be added to the deal sooner as well giving a hint at what’s coming.

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