Apple reportedly working on these 10 AI features for iOS 18

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Reputed Apple analyst Mark Gurman from Bloomberg posted his latest ‘Power On‘ newsletter discussing Apple’s future plan of action including the AI features that will be paired with the upcoming iOS 18.

It goes on to show how Apple was caught off-guard with the AI features especially from Google who’s Google I/O 2024 was all about revolutionizing how we interact with our phones and devices with AI being the center of attraction.

Talking about AI features onboard Apple’s iOS 18, these will be released as ‘preview’ or ‘beta’ designation buying Apple time before perfecting an AI feature. This is critical especially after Google’s disastrous AI Overviews on Google Search dropped inaccurate results.

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Circling back to Apple, the Cupertino-based giant will use a multi-pronged approach rolling out some features with on-device handling and processing capabilities while others will be handled via Apple’s cloud infrastructure. It goes without saying, the former AI features will be available for newer devices given the prerequisites in terms of performance, capability, and resources to churn the numbers.

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We now have a list of 10 AI features that are likely to be a part of iOS 18 at least with a ‘beta’ designation. 

  • Developer tools for Xcode
  • Improved Safari web search
  • Photo retouching
  • Siri will gain the capability for more natural interactions
  • Reliable and faster searchers in Spotlight
  • Emails and Messages will get suggested replies
  • Voice memo transcription
  • Siri will get a more advanced variant for the Apple Watch to get tasks done on the go
  • Smart recaps of news articles, web pages, messages, notes, documents, etc. 

Note that albeit Apple is cooking some of these AI features, there’s a possibility of not every aforementioned item makes it to the devices. These features will be rolled out as beta or previews with iOS 18 before it arrives in September this year. 

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