Over the past few years, we have heard numerous reports of smartphones catching fire.  Samsung, for instance, had to face an expensive market recall when a lot of its then newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded. Not only Samsung, but Xiaomi, Nokia, Apple and even Jiophones have been intermittently exploding left right and center.

The flaring up of most of these phones was associated with faulty battery or faulty third-party chargers. Which is why it’s bizarre that an iPhone X exploded while updating to the new iOS 12.1.

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Going into the details, a Twitter user who uses an iPhone X as his daily driver claims that his phone was set ablaze when he was updating his iPhone to the latest iOS 12.1. He added that he was charging the device while the download was in progress and when the phone got updated and was about to reboot, smoke started emerging from within and the phone subsequently caught fire.

The user also affirmed that he has been using the genuine lightning cable and wall mounter of Apple for charging the smartphone. Apple has asked him to send the product to their center for further investigation. As evident from the pictures, the glass back of the iPhone has been completely shattered exposing the internal structure and the display to seems to have faced the brunt of the fire. iPhone X was launched last year and this is the first incident embroiling Apple in such a situation.

We need to wait to get more understanding on what led to this and hopefully Apple will issue a statement to this regard soon.

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