We are still not sure how many iPhones Tim Cook led Apple Inc. is working on for 2017 or what they shall be called, for that matter (iPhone 8 or iPhone X anniversary edition). However, Amidst all the speculation concerning the name today, a new piece of information related to upcoming phones surfaced on the web.

According to the latest report, the iPhone 8 could come with a rear camera which is equipped with a 3D laser sensor for augmented reality.

The 3D laser system which is reportedly used in upcoming iPhone 8 is said to be manufactured by VSCEL laser system.The integration part is claimed to be handled by Apple engineers.

Working dynamics of the 3D laser system is pretty much similar to existing laser autofocus mechanism that’s quite common on Android phones. The soon to be introduced auto system will release a light beam which will bounce back after hitting the object and the time taken to do so will be recorded to judge the exact depth of field.

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If you remember, at this years WWDC event, Apple introduced an ARkit for developers, however, with this kit only single rear camera can be used to measure the real world object and to overlay animation on it. With this new rumored laser system, the phone is said to offer impressive AR experience. As per the claims, this new laser system will cost Apple about $2 per phone.

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As Apple inches closer to iPhone 8 expected launch date, its engineers are said to be feeling pressure due to issues related to software, 3D face scanning, and wireless charging. If these issues aren’t fixed on time, Apple might postpone them till future firmware update.


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