Apple ‘Back To School’ is live in India offering impressive discounts on iMac, MacBooks and more

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Apple’s “Back To School” program is back in India with some of the most stunning and alluring offers onboard. Cupertino-based tech juggernaut Apple unleashes a special discounts sale dubbed as “Back To School” during the times when students are gearing up to attend universities as well educators in India and elsewhere. With the new 2022 edition, it brings a lot on the table including offers for MacBook Air (M1), MacBook Pro 14-inch, iPads and a lot more.

With the ongoing Back To School offers, Apple ks slashing the price tags on an array of products as said. In fact, you also get a 6 months free Apple Music premium version with eligible purchases apart from others. Check out the list of products including in the offers which is live till September 2022.

MacBook Air (M2): Get INR 10,000 discount plus AirPods Gen 2

Well, this is a pretty mind-bending offer where you as a student can get your hands on MacBook Air (M2) at INR 1,09,900/- after a INR 10,000 discount during the “Back To School” campaign. Apart from that, you will also get an AirPods Gen 2 worth INR 14,000 free with your purchase.

MacBook Air (M1): Get INR 10,000 discount plus AirPods Gen 2

Just like its successor M2, the MacBook Air (M1) gets a pricing cut of whopping INR 10,000 with an effective procing of INR 89,900 during the ongoing “Back To School” sale period.

MacBook Pro 14 inch: Get INR 20,000 discount plus an AirPods Gen 2

Get your hands on MacBook Pro 14 inch at an approximate INR 20,000/- discount with its effective pricing of INR 1,75,410/-. Plus, there’s a INR14,000/- AirPods Gen 2 free on the purchase during the deal period.

MacBook Pro 16 inch: Get a discount of INR 25,000/- plus an AirPods Gen 2 unit

Thanks to the ongoing Back To School sale, MacBook Pro 16 inch is now available at INR 2,51,910/- after a swift INR 25,000/- discount. Plus, students will get an AirPods Gen 2 worth INR 14,000 with the purchase.

MacBook Pro 13 inch: Discount of INR 10,000

Get your hands on MacBook Pro 13 inch at INR 1,19,900 which is a INR 10,000 discount on its original pricing. Also, you will get a INR 14,000 AirPods Gen 2 free with the purchase during the offer.

iMac: Get INR 12,000/- discount with an AirPods Gen 2

Well, thanks to the ongoing “Back To School” campaign, you can get a whipping INR 12,000/- discount with an effective price of INR 1,07,910. Additionally, you get a INR 14,000/- worth AirPods Gen 2 with the purchase as well.

iPad Air: Get INR 4,000/- off with Free AirPods Gen 2

With the ongoing “Back To School” sale, Apple is offering iPad Air at INR 50,780/- after a massive INR 4,000/- discount. You are also eligible for a free AirPods Gen 2 with the purchase.

iPad Pro: Get INR 3,600/- discount with AirPods Gen 2 free of cost

Get your hands on iPad Peo at INR 68,700/- after a INR 3,600/- discount and a free AirPods Gen 2 priced at INR 14,000/- on the purchase.

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