For years, Apple has churned out remarkably consistent and unparalleled smartphone cameras which were unanimously considered benchmark standard for all comparisons. Sporting 8MP sensors, they have also served as an honest examples for regular consumers as to why Megapixel count is not a sole indicator of image quality.

Android rivals however have finally narrowed the gap. The Camera modules Samsung has been using in high-end portfolio lately (S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+……and so on) was surprisingly good and even made an iPhone camera look cheap! We have to admit that we didn’t see it coming, but were soon treated with LG G4 camera awesomeness.


What changed this year

Apple of course shot back with a bumped up 12MP sensor in the new ‘s’ series iPhones, and since then, the general perception that we have come across can be summed up as follows:

“Bro, Apple finally has a 12MP sensor… they are gonna KILL IT this year”

Increased pixel count wasn’t the only improvement. There was bigger sensor to capture more light, 50 percent more focus-pixels for faster auto focus, Apple’s own Image Signal Processor for better color accuracy, 4K recording support and use of deep trench isolation technology (less light leakage from photo diodes) to look forward to.

Did it work…..

Well, Folks at DxOMark have been experts at testing smartphone cameras for years. Last year DxOMark brandished iPhone camera image quality as ‘Gold Standard for Phones’, but this year, Apple iPhone 6s ranks 10!


This in no way means that it is a bad camera. The DxOMark score remains same as last years iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but other Android cameras just proved marginally better in company’s thorough testing procedures.

While we are yet to lay our hands on the new iPhones, most camera comparison reviews so far on the World Wide Web resonate more or less the same opinion. I am still inclined to believe that the new iPhone camera would be better, no matter how miniscule the improvements shall be, but the DxOMark numbers are consistent with last year. The increase in Pixel count, and other additions haven’t really benefited the iPhone 6s in terms of overall camera quality.

2015 is the year where Android Flagship smartphone cameras come off age and supplant iPhone for the top spot.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are finally up for grabs in India. To compare and find best prices, head on to our linked comparison pages.



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