Amazon Echo devices

Amazon launched 8 new Echo devices and much more at its big hardware show in Seattle. These cover from smart speakers to smart clocks, smart displays, and funky smart accessories. All of them come with their own respective use cases thus further expanding the Amazon smart ecosystem. We also got brand new Alexa Features making the smart assistant even smarter.

Amidst, the bevy of hardware announcements, we were hit by fun yet quirky surprise.

“English, Motherf***er, Do You Speak It?” (Pulp Fiction reference) If yes! You might love that Amazon has roped in Samuel L Jackson’s voice for Alexa.

With that, let’s get down to the hardware section.

New Amazon Echo devices

Amazon Echo 2019

  • All-new Echo: Featuring an updated fabric design and even better sound, still only $99.99 or ₹9,999.

Amazon Echo Flex

  • Echo Flex: The most affordable way to add Alexa to any space in your home, this plug-in smart speaker is wireless and only $24.99. It has a built-in USB port so you can easily charge your phone or add an optional accessory, like a Smart Night Light or Motion Sensor, all while using only one outlet.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

  • Echo Dot with clock: This new option for Echo Dot includes a bright LED (w/ auto brightness) display that shows the time, outdoor temperature, timers, and alarms—only $59.99 or ₹5,499.

Amazon Echo Show 8

  •  Echo Show 8: The latest addition to the Echo Show family with an 8-inch display, crisp and powerful sound, and a built-in camera shutter for added peace of mind for $129.99.

  •  Echo Studio: Sound from Dolby Atmos and Sony’s 360 Reality Audio, with five directional speakers for immersive sound, room adaptation technology, and a built-in smart home hub for $199.99 or ₹22,999. It can be connected with Fire TV devices and compatible 3rd party smart devices

Amazon Echo Buds

  • Echo Buds: Wireless earbuds with Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology and hands-free access to Alexa for $129.99. These are IPX4-rated against splashes, sweat, or drizzle. They come with charging case. Speaking of charge, a single full charge could last for up to 5 hours of music playback or 4 hours of call time. The bundled charging case claims a total of up to 3 additional charges—15 hours of music playback or 12 hours of call time. Additionally, support for Siri or Google Assistant would be simply icing on the cake.

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Day 1 Editions products:

Amazon Echo Frames and Echo Ring

  •  Echo Frames: All-day glasses with hands-free access to Alexa, available by invitation for $179.99.
  •  Echo Loop: A smart ring that provides quick access to Alexa on-the-go, available by invitation for $129.99.

Day 1 Edition is a new invitation-only program wherein select customers get to use and share their feedback. Ergo, these would be made in limited volumes and in case it works out, they will go all-in for the large-scale production and wide public rollout.

Few other devices debuted are

  • 4-in-1 Amazon Smart Oven (voice-enabled) at $249.99 with included Echo Dot
  • Echo Glow—New Multi-Color Smart Lamp that Pairs with Alexa at $29.99
  • Eero mesh Home WiFi system starting at $99.
  • Ring Fetch, a smart dog tracker that will be clipped on to your pet’s collar.
  • Ring Indoor Cam at $59.99
  • Stick Up Cam at $99.99

Availability of Echo devices

The new Echo devices are out for pre-order starting today on and select offline stores. The shipping will start later this year. Pricing and availability details of certain products are yet to be revealed. That said, those of you who pre-order can avail a free smart bulb and a smart plug at ₹199 only.

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You can request an invitation starting today for Echo Loop and Echo Frames, the first two Day 1 Edition programs. Customers who are selected will start receiving invites later this year. (Please note that this will be limited to US customers)

New Alexa Features

The newly premiered Amazon Alexa features will also make its way to Echo devices before long.

Users can enjoy these Alexa features from today:

  • You can now interact with Alexa in Hindi or Hinglish Alexa.
  • Alexa can now adjust how fast (or slow) she speaks.
  • Alexa can Recommend Routines based on your daily habits.
  • Alexa can tell you about her responses. Soon you will be able to ask, “Alexa, tell me what you heard” and Alexa will read back your most recent voice request.

The following Alexa features are coming soon and will be available later this year:

  • Alexa is becoming multi-lingual Starting next month, customers will be able to switch between English and Hindi when talking to Alexa.
  • There will be a new Whisper Mode, wherein if you whisper to Alexa, she will whisper her response back to you.
  • Additional control for customers—Auto-Delete Voice Recordings on Alexa and Echo devices that are older than 3 or 18 months automatically on an ongoing basis.


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