OnePlus co-founder and CEO Pete Lau officially confirmed the launch of a series of affordable OnePlus smart TVs in India for July 2.

The teaser banner shows a top-view of the TV with a Kevlar back panel. The caption explains the company’s plan of bringing mid-range TV to the Indian market. The Never Settle brand has not done much in terms of revenue generation with the OnePlus TV Q1-series because of its high-end price.

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OnePlus India’s Vice President, Navnit Nakra told ET in an interview, “Entry and mid segments are growing rapidly and have captured our focus. If we want to diversify to a wide audience in India, then it is the best way to start.” The company admits the fact that the Indian market is evidently aligned towards budget range television and to set its foot, OnePlus has to compromise with the costing. 

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It is safe to assume that OnePlus is gearing to unveil an entry-level TV with a price tag around Rs 15,000 and another mid-range TV lying in Rs 20,000 – Rs 40,000 spectrum. Xiaomi has acquired much of the Indian TV market share with a similar strategy. Now, with the increasing craze for OTT content, affordable Smart TVs are much in demand.

As we earlier reported, the OnePlus TV listing on Bluetooth SIG revealed a 55-inch screen size and a new remote control device. OnePlus Z aka OnePlus 8 Lite will also go official on July 10.


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