A Guide to Bounce Infinity E1 E-Scooter: Price, Availability, Features & more

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Infinity E1 E-Scooter by Bounce is a premium EV from a Bangalore-based start-up. The e-scooter was launched in India last year and its test ride began in February 2022. The production of the scooter started earlier this month in the company’s Biwaldi plant. Now Bounce has announced when the scooter will be up for grabs in India and what will be its prices. Those who have pre-booked Infinity E1 will soon start receiving their deliveries soon.

Read on to know more about this s-scooter.

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Bounce Infinity E1 Price in India

The MRP of the Infinity E1 scooter in India is different for different states-

  • Delhi- Rs. 68,999
  • Gujarat- Rs. 59,999
  • Maharashtra- Rs. 69,999
  • Karnataka- Rs. 68,999
  • Rajasthan- Rs. 72,999
  • All other states- Rs. 79,999

Note- All the above prices are ex-showroom prices.

Although these are the marked prices of the scooter in different states, Bounce has also announced some subscription plans owing to which one will be able to own the EV at just Rs. 36,000.

There are 2 subscription plans- BAAS1 and BAAS2. Under both schemes, Bounce will aim to utilize its battery swapping infrastructure network to reduce the cost of ownership of this e-scooter.

Prices under BAAS 1 Plan in different states-

  • Delhi- Rs. 56,999
  • Gujarat- Rs. 47,999
  • Rajasthan- Rs. 60,999
  • Maharashtra- Rs. 57,999
  • Karnataka- Rs. 56,999
  • All other states- Rs. 67,999

In addition to this initial cost, customers will have to bear a telecom plan like a recurring subscription plan-

  • Battery as a Service Monthly Subscription- Rs. 849
  • Price per swap- Rs. 35
  • Brings down the effective price per KM down to Rs. 0.65

Prices under BAAS 2 Plan in different Indian states-

  • Delhi- Rs. 45,099
  • Gujarat- Rs. 36,099
  • Rajasthan- Rs. 49,099
  • Maharashtra- Rs. 46,099
  • Karnataka- Rs. 45,099
  • All other states- Rs. 56,099

In addition to this initial cost, customers will have to bear a telecom plan like a recurring subscription plan-

  • Battery as a Service Monthly Subscription- Rs. 1249
  • Price per swap- Rs. 35
  • Brings down the effective price per KM down to Rs. 0.65

Under BAAS 1 the initial cost of ownership is comparatively higher while the cost post-purchase has reduced. Under BAAS 2, the case is the opposite.

Bounce Infinity E1 E-Scooter Availability

Bounce is planning to start the delivery of Infinity E1 on 18th April 2022. Since the production has already begun, the company claims that it can produce up to two lakh units in a year at this plant if the work keeps going in full swing. Bounce is planning to ramp up production in the coming months and also aims to announce test drives and other initiatives for their customers.

Bounce Infinity E1 E-Scooter Colors

The E-Scooter will be available in 5 colors- Sparkle Black, Cornet Grey, Sporty Red, Pearl White, and Desat Silver. They can be customized according to one’s taste by using stickers and motifs too.

How to book Bounce Infinity E1 E-Scooter?

The Bounce Infinity E1 can be booked online in 5 available colors or a custom theme for Rs. 499. The process can happen via the official website.

Bounce Infinity E1 E-Scooter Specs

Infinity E1 has an LED lighting setup and a digital instrument panel with features like reverse mode, drag mode, and cruise control. It has a digital dashboard with geo-fencing, anti-theft notification, vehicle tracking, and tow alert while safety features include a side-stand indicator, ignition status, and battery SOC status.

Bounce Infinity E1 claims to give a top speed of 65kmph and has features like 12-inch allows with the disc brake system, under-seat helmet storage, strong chassis along with 120 section rear tire, 90 section front tire, and 155mm ground clearance made for Indian roads.

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The e-scooter has a BLDC motor with a swappable 2KWhr 48V battery pack which gives a max speed of 65kmph in Power Mode. In Eco Mode, it gives a range of 85km. If swapping stations are made available, then the scooter will be able to give an unlimited range. The battery pack is made to be swapped easily and is IP67 rated.

For normal use, the battery takes 4 hours to charge to give an 85km range but if available, the battery can be swapped for a charged battery pack at charging stations. This, if it happens will reduce the charging time to a few minutes.

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