Redmi Y1 is the first in the budget selfie series launched by Xiaomi in India. It’s also perhaps the only one of the current Xiaomi phones under 10,000 INR to sport a 5.5-inch display.

Good for you, if you were lucky to get your hands on the Redmi Y1, but we would like to aid you further. Here’s a list of Xiaomi Redmi Y1 best cases and back covers that you can make use of to guard its elegant polycarbonate body against possible wear and tear.

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Redmi Y1 Full Body Case by Johra


First up, we have an ultra-thin full body armour for your Redmi Y1. The cover blankets your phone from the front as well as the back to keep it safe and guarded against each and every adversity. You can avail the cover in multiple hues.

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Redmi Y1 Slim Back Cover by Annure

Why make your phone bulky with a hefty cover? Presenting you a slim yet strong case cover for your Redmi Y1. The thin-flexible cover from Annure is built from fibre, is impact and shock resistant and has smooth silk brushed texture at the back. One can easily install and remove the cover from the phone.

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Redmi Y1 Transparent Case by Colorcase

If you don’t want to obscure the aesthetics of the beautiful Redmi Y1 than this transparent case cover is for you. The crystal clear design lets you admire the beauty of the phone while protecting it with a case. It is made of silicone material and is flexible yet rigid case for your phone.

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Redmi Y1 Back Cover by Colorcase

Moving on, here’s a black back cover for your precious Redmi Y1. The cover sticks to the back of the phone and evenly covers all the four corners of the phone, keeping it safe from damages, dust, and scratches caused by inadvertent drops.

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Redmi Y1 Back Cover by Annure

If you are looking for something that is extremely light and still offers military-grade protection, then this case cover is a perfect fit for your Redmi Y1. This phone protector has anti-shock corners and good resistance to scratches and fingerprint. Also, the raised bumper and tactile buttons ensure you don’t have to compromise on the comfort.

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Redmi Y1 Hybrid Cover by Zynk Case

Next, in line, we have a hybrid case cover for your Redmi Y1. The rough and tough case not only protects your phone but, also gives it a macho look. This dual-layered hybrid case is exclusively designed to withstand any adverse conditions.

Other than that it also offers a built-in phone stand, which is excellent for long hours of smartphone usage and is detachable when not in use.

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Redmi Y1 Printed Case by Digiprint

Level-up your style game with this stylish printed case cover by Digiprint. The case for your Redmi Y1 is a hard, but lightweight panel that sticks well to the back of the phone. The cover engulfs all the four corners of the phone protecting it from minor drops and daily wear and tear.

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Redmi Y1 Case by Colorcase

Last but not the least, a hard shell for your Redmi Y1 smartphone. Unlike other cases, this cover is not flexible – it is a hard shell that has got rubberized matte finish at the back to your better grip on your phone. Other than the hard part, you get to have a light protective case that provides an all-around protection without adding weight to your phone.

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Redmi Y1 Tempered Glass

Xiaomi uses a Gorilla Glass 3 protection on top of the Redmi Y1’s 5.5-inch display. The glass is tough and can do some damage control, but what it can’t do is perpetually avoid scratches and dust. The glass at the front is as vulnerable to scratches as the entire body of it. So safeguard your Redmi Y1 display from below mentioned of tempered glasses:

Tempered Glass by Zynk Case- Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by Dashmesh – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by TheGiftKart – Buy it from here

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