It always pays, personally and professionally, to work on your language skills. Whether you are an intermediate, beginner or advanced users, there is always scope for improving and sharpening language skills. Besides, good command over English language is what employers treat as a mandatory asset these days. To improve often means getting back to basics. More than anything else, technology can assist you in this purpose. Here are some apps you should try.

Hello English (Beginners)

Let’s start with a basic app. Hello English is an app from Culture Alley which lets you learn English from 16 different Indian regional languages. The app includes lessons, games, daily homework and tests to help you groom your language skills in an organized manner, but the course has primarily been designed for beginners.

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Paucity of apt words to express your self is what you will have to address too. Building a strong vocabulary is a gradual process and not something you can expect to happen overnight. The trick is to keep looking up interesting words that you come across and not to “ratta-fy” X number of words per day.

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You will need a dictionary app handy at all times. Dictionary is the app which we personally use and recommend. Besides lucid word definitions, synonyms, antonyms and sentence examples, the app’s biggest highlight is the widget that comes along. The widget lists word of the day and can be used to directly search for word meanings from the home screen itself. You can download and enable offline dictionary from settings.

Bonus tip: You can also play with Apps like 7 little words to improve your word usage.

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Elevate is an app designed to sharpen your brain and to do so, it primarily focuses on improving your communication, reading and writing skills. In the free version you will get three puzzles every day and can monitor your progress. As your score increases, you can also unlock new games. For paid subscription ($5 per month) you get to play extra 8 games to develop your skills. It’s a fun way of improving holistic language skills.

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Johnny grammar

Johnny Grammar by British Council is a fun game that lets you test you hone your grammar skills in a fun way. You can play short games belonging to different categories, earn badges and flash them on Facebook and compare yourself on the Global leaderboard.

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Google Chrome

What the hell is a browser doing in this list? To improve your language it is imperative that you read as much as you can. For books you can always use one of many readers like Google Play books, Kindle, etc. which allow you to see word-meanings by simply highlighting a word with long-press touch action. Google Chrome has the ability to do the same for when you are reading any article on the internet. This means you won’t have to switch to dictionary app every now and then and won’t have to compromise your interest by breaking your continuity.


You can simply highlight any word, idiom, phrase, etc and drag the “Touch to search” window from below. For individual words, you will get word meaning on top of this floating tab. Just drag it down when you are done.

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Nothing worth having comes easy. So yes, you will have to discipline yourself to improve. If you are willing to do so, these tools shall help.

Have another app in mind which works for you? Share with us in the comments section below.



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