Google Chrome for Android keeps getting better. Google is focusing on Internet needs of developing countries and the latest fruit of this effort is a more efficient data saver mode, which can save up to 70 percent data.

Data Saver isn’t new in Google Chrome ( Settings>>data saver), but if you have used it, you know it doesn’t work as it should. I, for one, have always refrained from using Google Chrome when on data connection and have preferred third party alternatives like Opera Mini instead.


Looks like that is about to change. New Data Saver on Chrome for Android will detect if you are on a slow connection and load only text. After the text is loaded, you can select specific images you want to load by taping on the background. An alert at the bottom will let you decide if you want to download images after all.

After Search on tap, which allowed you to search for highlighted text by pulling a sub-window instead of wandering off to another page, this is the feature which should make a significant difference to user experience and is definitely something worth being excited about.

Luckily, Google will start rolling the update starting from India and Indonesia. The update will be server triggered and thus you don’t have to download any updated APK. Just wait for it to arrive.



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