It’s hard to keep your hands off a new handset, but as the novelty wears off and as people get more dependent on them, they naturally start looking for ways to get more out of these hand-held gadgets that have become the epicenter of our connected universe. There are several powerful accessories that can empower your smartphone in a meaningful way. Here are some that all classes of users can benefit from.

Power Bank

This is a kind of mandatory requirement for each one of us these days. Doesn’t matter if your phone has a 4000mAh or 5000mAh battery, there will surely be times when you will need to supplement the charge and plugging-in a wall charger just won’t be a fitting option. After all, the battery seems to betray us on select occasions when we need it the most.

We have realized, the hard way, that carrying a compact power bank in our man purse can make life a hell lot simpler. But before you buy one, here are a few pointers you should go through:

what you must know before buying a power bank


Even when more and more DTH set-top boxes are integrating smarts Android interface and direct WiFi streaming, dongles like Chromecast remain relevant for they can also be used to stream content that’s stored on your phone.

So if you need to go through baby pictures you have collected over the last week on a bigger screen, or if you wish to stream and share a movie you have on your phone with your family on the living room TV, a Chromecast can come in handy.

And you can, of course, use it to mirror your phone or directly stream content from apps like YouTube and Netflix. It’s probably one of those devices which you don’t realize you need till you have experienced it first hand.

If you often stream music from your phone, you could also buy Chromecast Audio to stream it over WiFi to your living room seakers.

Stuff for your camera

If you are passionate about smartphone photography and have a half decent camera sensor and a pro mode on your smartphone, you could enhance your photography a great deal with the use of some additional accessories.

The most important one has to be a tripod. To avoid camera shakes, and effectively shoot at low shutter speeds you will need a good quality tripod. You can also use it to mount your phone while you watch a movie or play a game on it using a gamepad (another important accessory if you are into mobile gaming).

You could also clip a smartphone camera lens to the front or the back camera preferably to capture wide angle and macro shots. If it’s the front camera that you find yourself using more often, you could invest in a selfie stick. And if you are serious about video recording from your smartphone, you could also invest in a three-axis gimbal. 

Bluetooth speakers

The tiny speakers on the phones, even the best ones, are hardly gratifying. Even if you aren’t an audiophile, a decent Bluetooth speaker just has to be on your must have list.

They are available in a wide price range starting from as little as a few hundred bucks. Obviously, the audio quality is a lot better at the costlier end of the spectrum.

5 Portable Bluetooth Speakers That You Can Get To Party Out Loud Anywhere

OTG Cable/ Dongle

The last in this list seems an insignificant trivial, but it’s actually a very powerful tool to empower your Android phone.

You can connect a USB OTG cable to your Android phone and then use it to a wide range of peripherals through the USB port. You can connect a USB keyboard to it for typing, connect a USB printer and directly print images, Connect a gamepad or use it to directly connect a Flash drive and transfer data. You simply won’t have to use your PC as an intermediary for a bunch of tasks.

These are some of the accessories that we believe everyone must have. Besides the above-mentioned ones, you can also invest in things like Bluetooth keyboards, funky CarMounts, Car chargers, etc. depending on your individual usage.


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