Apart from millions of apps, what lets Android rule the roost in tug of war with iOS and Windows is its customization ability. Freedom to almost completely transform look and feel takes Android experience to a whole new league, as iOS and Windows phone follow a rigid approach and are simply not that flexible.

Launchers in Google developed ecosystem, makes the most of this adaptability feature. There are hundreds of launchers available today on the play store. These launchers replace clumsy screen transitions, icons, and fonts for you. Other than appealing user interface, these launchers also offer better productivity and convenient personalized operation that might perfectly sync with the way you use your phone.

A launcher is a very personal thing and finding the right one can greatly enhance your Android experience. But enough with the talk. Here are 5 handpicked ones you can try before all others.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is probably sitting on top our list due to its massive popularity among Android fans and simply because it covers all basics. The launcher maintains a striking balance between animation effects and customization feature without being overwhelming.

It allow users to replace application drawer, resize icon sizes along with option of choosing icons from custom packs, assign gestures to various actions.  If you have never tried a launcher other than default launcher, than try Nova Launcher, it will introduce to another level of Android productivity without complicating things.

Download Link: Google Play store


Apex Launcher

On various front, Apex launcher has quite-a-few similarities with Nova. Like Nova Launcher, it is also one of the most popular launchers on Google Play store. This launcher also lets you customize icons, alter animation effects and modify home screen behavior. It also supports third party themes which are available for download on the play store.

Download Link: Google Play Store

APEX 1 Apex 2


Themer is another 4 star rated launcher on the play store. This fully customizable app comes packed with HD wallpapers, icon packs and widgets. It has over 400 high quality themes available in its armory. In Themer, each theme comes with different icon packs, wallpapers and widgets. Themer is a good option, if you like to experiment with the home screen of your phone every other day.

Download Link: Google Play Store

Screenshot_2015-10-27-18-02-45_com.mycolorscreen.themer Screenshot_2015-10-27-18-02-54_com.mycolorscreen.themer

Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Yahoo’s Aviate is a predictive launcher just like Google Now. The difference between Aviate and other aforementioned launcher is that it is less focused on personal customization option like icon packs and themes or wallpapers. This contextual launcher analyzes users usage pattern and based on which it customizes its self. So next time when you are cruising on the highway with your phone on your side, you can easily find navigation app on your home screen. Isn’t that cool?

Download Link: Google Play Store


Hola Launcher

Hola Launcher is one of the lightest launcher on the playstore today. Despite its 1MB size, it offers almost all important features that other Launchers offer. Moreover, it brings several unique features to the platter like Hola Swipe and Hola Box. Hola Swipe offers recent apps, frequent apps and toolbar all within the reach of your thumb.

Download Link: Google Play Store


Some other launchers worth trying:

If you are one of those who is always looking for out-of the-box experience, you should definitely try one of these launcher and that should break your Android monotony and light up awesomeness quotient of your phone.



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