The Samsung Galaxy S10 has been officially launched in India yesterday. A major highlight of the new Samsung Flagships is their punch-hole front camera setup aka Infinity-O display. In the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10e, you have been given a single sensor, while the Galaxy S10+ sports a Dual hole-punch display. (हिंदी में पढ़िए)

The One UI software has an option to hide the notch, but you wil end up with a hideous and thick top bezel. Well, these creative wallpapers designed around S10 punch hole make it simpler to embrace the change. In fact, these wallpapers now have a dedicated subreddit. Here are the best ones you may try!

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Wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e:

1. R2D2 Eye

The future Robot RD-D2, shown in the Star Wars movie, appears in front of you in this wallpaper.

Download from here

2. Red Smily Face

The two eyes on the face of the cartoon character fit the camera sensor and the hand made face also looks very merry.

Download from here

3. BB8

If the R2 robot is original then BB8 is a bit cooler and lovable, because of which it is called one of the best robots.

Download from here

4: Mike Wazowski

Monster University’s most comic character is Mike. He is the best friend of the movie’s protagonist and gives a fun touch as the wallpaper.

Download from here

5. Simpsons

American cartoon Simpson is quite a popular cartoon series. And the fans of the show would appreciate Bart trying to get a bite off the donut in this wallpaper.

Download from here

6. Jordan BasketBall

Michael Jordan is one of the most popular names in the basketball game, and this wallpaper is dedicated to all the basketball players and enthusiasts.

Download from here

7. BigHero6

Baymax is one adorable character from the hit movie Big Hero 6. This cartoon character is very popular among children. A child or not, you would love the friendly guy waving at you in this wallpaper.

Download from here

8. Donald Trump

Download from here

US President Donald Trump is also joining the wallpaper club in competition against Kim Jong-un’s wallpaper.

9. Got em

This wallpaper is about 95% pitch black color, and with your AMOLED display, it gives a polished look apart from saving battery life.

Download from here

10. Super Smash Brother

You see we have wallpaper for every pop-culture and childhood nostalgia. Fans of super-smash bros or not, this one’s an adorable one to clad your display.

Download from here

11. Minions

Minion fan and own as S10 or S10e, we have a one-eyed fella looking at you through your phone’s single-camera setup.

Download this wallpaper

12. Terminator

Terminator was not just a Sci-Fi movie for the movie buffs. It is the bar for the genre. Now, if you’re an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, then also you would love to have Terminator’s eye on your phone’s front camera.

Download this wallpaper

13. Lunar Eclipse

Viewing Earth from Space is a mesmerizing experience, and here we have your front camera sensor as an eclipse adding to the attraction of your device.

Download this wallpaper

14. Pokemon

Pokemon is one of the all-time greatest anime or cartoon. It has garnered a similar reception through other mediums like games and movies. Now, you could set Blastoise, a powerful pokemon as your wallpaper who disguises the dual-Infinity O cutout.

Download this wallpaper

15. Death Star


More star wars wallpapers.

Download these wallpapers- 1 and 2

16. Killing Joke


Joker is by far the best villain in the comics world and some like him over the protagonist, i.e. Batman. If you’re a fan, here’s the wallpaper for you and he even asks you to smile.

Download this wallpaper

17. Jeep


For all Jeep lovers

Download this wallpaper

18. Thor

Download this wallpaper

19. Tombraider

Well, this one could cloak the dual cutout one also.

Download this wallpaper

20. Nicky Fury

Download this wallpaper

21. Senna F1

Download this wallpaper

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Samsung Galaxy S10 + Wallpapers

1. Minion Eyes

Minion is one of the cutest animated characters and here we have a two-eyed Minion who sees us through the Dual Camera setup of this phone.

Download from here

2. Team Fortress

It is a game character that was introduced through the Fortress team and the fans of the game could flaunt this wallpaper on their phone.

Download from here

3. Darth Vader (Star Wars)

There will be hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Star Wars. This movie is a very popular series, and several other movies and shows are set to launch in the future. Lo and Behold the biggest antagonist of the franchise, Darth Vader.

Download from here

4. Mars Rover

On the front side, you get the dual camera for the Mars Rover robot who is watching you while probing the planet.

Download from here

5. Soot Sprite

Yet another cool wallpaper to don the Infinity-O display of your S10.

Download from here

6. Wall E

Wall E was an animated computer robot from a movie with the same name, which became a worldwide success. This wallpaper would also look slick on your gorgeous S10 display.

Download from here

7. Robot

Bender may not be the most useful robot, but he could be your best friend staying on your front screen.

Download from here

8. Kim Jong-un

The North-Korea dictator Kim Jong-un also has crafted as the wallpaper for the Galaxy S10 +’s Creative Camera setup. This would grab other’s attention for sure.

Download from here

9. iPhone



We admit this one’s little crazy as you slap on an iPhone rear atop your Galaxy S10+ display. But, if you transitioned from the iOS ecosystem, this one’s for you.

Download from here

10. Hiding in Plain Sight

We love how this wallpaper subtly hides the Dual infinity O cutout and blends it with the background. This one has a dark and gritty vibe to it. So, if that’s your taste, then you could go with this wallpaper.

Download from here

11. Racing Car

For those who love racing, the F1 car on this wallpaper proves to be quite attractive and is one clever use of that cutout. Moreover, the black background is easy on the eyes and battery life of your S10+

12. Shrek

Feature Shrek, the beloved animated cartoon character as yet another implementation of customization for your S10+ display.

Download from here

13. Mr. Incredible

Incredible is considered to be one of the best animated Pixar movies. Mr. Incredible is the main character, whose superpower is Super Strength. Set him to show the might of your S10+.

Download from here

14. Cyclops

Cyclops is an integral character of the Xmen universe. He could beam laser through his eyes and destroy anything. It’s one hell of power and cool one, to say the least. Hope you love how this wallpaper cleverly applies his anti-laser goggles to conceal the dual-punch hole.

Download from here

15. Eve the Robot

Now that we listed Wall-E, how could we miss out the cute Eve the robot? Yet another almost-black wallpaper with its own additional benefits.

Download from here

16. The Horde wallpaper

Here is a The Horde garrison wallpaper from World of Warcraft game series.

Download this wallpaper

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Best Wallpaper for Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

All the wallpapers shown above are posted by @Matt B on Twitter, which you can easily download. Apart from this, gradually we will keep updating with some more new wallpapers. And let us know in this comments, which of these are your picks.



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