How well do you know your smartphones?

Let’s just give it back to our phone, our trusted companion – one that has always guided us like a guardian, and has always entertained us like a comedian – by learning a bit more about it.

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15 Fun Facts About Smartphones

Is iPhone the world’s first Smartphone?

No, the world’s first smartphone dates back to the year 1994 (which is almost 14 years before Apple presented its first iPhone). It was IBM that launched world’s first smartphone, “Simon Personal Communicator“, that had the capability to send emails and run third-party apps. IBM created a unique touch-screen user interface for Simon known as the Navigator.

For iPhone, it was the first multi-touch smartphone launched by Apple on January 9, 2007.

Which was the first-ever Android phone?

It is well-known that the first Android phone was T-Mobile G1, aka HTC Dream introduced in the year 2008, but Google was prototyping their mobile software on a device known as the “Sooner“. Since they didn’t make it public, former is widely known as the first Android device.

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But technically, Sooner was the first phone (or first device) to run Android in 2005, an operating system that today runs on more than a billion phones worldwide.

Which smartphone holds the record of selling the highest number of unit in a day?

In the year 2012, Apple sold 340,000 iPhones per day. A feat that is yet to be surpassed.

How many do you hold at your fingertips?

As per the report released in March 2017, there are approximately 5.8 million apps present in the app stores, combined. Google play store holds close to 3 million apps, while iTunes has 2.8 million apps. Moreover, more than 2500 apps are currently added to Play store every day. And the irony is that

And the irony is that an average consumer installs at most one to two new apps a month.

Ever wonder why we say Hello! during phone calls?

Allen Koenigsberg, a Brooklyn College professor, labored hard for about five years to resolve the “hello” mystery. The Telephone Exchanges were the first setup in the US and they mentioned ‘Hello’ as the standard way to start a conversation on a phone in their manuals, which was then adopted world wide. The second word in the running was ‘Ahoy’ that was being pushed by Bell Telephone company.

Which is the most downloaded app on smartphones?

Facebook is the clear winner here.

What users do most of the time on their Smartphones?

The studies reveal that most users use their smartphone to either play games or see their social media account activity.

Which was the first phone with a selfie camera?

These days we see a lot of smartphone betting that their camera delivers best-in-class selfies. But, which smartphone started this trend, and when? Apple was the first to include the front-facing camera on a smartphone with iPhone 4 in 2010.

Although several phones started including the front snapper in late 2003, they were all feature phones. The likes include Sony Ericsson Z1010 and Motorola A835.

However, it took several more years for selfies to be a raging phenomenon, one that claims more than 100 lives last year!

Which was the first smartphone to feature AMOLED display?

For long Samsung has been credited for introducing AMOLED display on the smartphone, but the real credit to this should go to Nokia who brought the AMOLED screens on their smartphones, way back in 2008. On October that year, Nokia released a handset, known as Nokia N85, which sported a 2.6-inch long AMOLED display.

Which will be the first 5G smartphone?

From 2 years from now, we may see a phone with a capability to delivering lightning fast internet speed. In February, at Mobile World Congress event a Chinese firm ZTE showed the glimpses of 5G connectivity with 1GB downloading speed. If all goes well,  we may expect the phone to go official in early 2019.

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Will you throw your smartphone for fun?

Yes, mobile throwing is actually an annual national sport played in Finland. Competitors meet annually to see who can throw their handset the farthest. In Finland, it is believed that phone throwing frees you from all the frustration that a smartphone tags along.

There is actually a word for fear of losing a smartphone

Nomophobia. It isn’t a slang or a cool term for smartphone users. Instead, it is a disease or in another word an anxiety that a person suffers from being away from his/her smartphone. Symptoms of being Nomophobic – panic attack, dizziness, nausea, sweating and trembling.

How long can you stay away from your smartphone? Are you a Nomophobic too?

Which is the first Video Calling smartphone?

Most will answer by saying iPhone 4 but allow me to correct you here. iPhone was the first smartphone to feature a successful Facetime Vidoe Calling. Video calling existed way before iPhone 4, though. The first set of phones and networks that supported video calling emerged in 2003 but they were brutally harsh on batteries and thus weren’t widely adopted. In the US, Motorola A845 was the first phone to feature video calling.

90 percent of the phones in Japan are waterproof. Here’s why.

A report has revealed that Japan has got nearly all their smartphone waterproof. Why so? Well, people in Japan love to use their phone while showering! The phone has become such a bathroom companion for Japanese folks that almost 90% of the smartphone there are waterproof!

Which country manufactures the most number of smartphones?

China. This single country is responsible for manufacturing more than 70 percent of the phones the entire world consumers!


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