Mechanical Keyboards are the ones that use spring instead of rubber domes (found in regular keyboards) and have those gratifying clickety click keys. They are also easier to type on and last a lot longer than a standard rubber keyboard.

Most PC manufacturers have over a period of time switched to the cheap Membrane Keyboard for cost saving, but you can still get your self a Mechanical keyboard without spending too much. These keyboards are an excellent choice for heavy gamers, desktop users, and coders.

Which Mechanical Keyboard should you buy? Well, there are plenty of choices out there in the market, and if you are still confused on which will suit you the best, we are here to help you. Below is the list of some of the best mechanical keyboards available in the market for under 10,000 INR. Find what suits you the best:

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Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 10k

Logitech Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This Logitech keyboard is exclusively designed for gamers. The switches fitted on this Keyboard are Romer-G mechanical switches that deliver pro-grade performance, are very responsive, and are also much more durable than the regular switches. The switches generate minimal sound when pressed and the backlit option allows you use the keyboard even in dim-light.

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Corsair Silent Mechanical Keyboard

The highlight of this Mechanical Keyboard is its silent feature. Despite being a gaming keyboard it produces less noise as compared to normal keyboards. It also sports a red backlit which enhances the experience with virtual lighting adjustability. The keyboard allows you to reassign any key or set up the most extreme macros for effortless gaming.

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GigaByte Force Mechanical Keyboard

The Gigabyte Force mechanical keyboard is built to hadle heavy duty loads. The keyboard has got on-the-fly multimedia control – you can control the volume and media using the shortcut keys. The Gigabyte tool for the backlighting gives you three options: consistent, pulsing, or cycling.

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Logitech Mechanical Corded Keyboard

This neatly designed aluminum built keyboard by Logitech is very durable and employs engineered Romer mechanical switches. The keyboard gives you a very versatile experience with distinct tactile feedback and quiet operation with every stroke. The keyboard is excellent for long duration usage. So if you type a lot, this is a great option.

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Corsair Strafe Mechanical Keyboard

The keyboard has been engineered for performance, and it is the only keyboard in the lot to feature Cherry Mx keys. The keyboard allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted game play. The built-in USB pass-through provides easy connection for your mouse, USB drive, or wireless headset adapter.

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HyperX Alloy Mechanical Keyboards

This is a slim, and compact designed keyboard by HyperX. The keyboard is ideal for heavy typing and FPS gameplay and employs Cherry brown switches on top. It has got the backlit feature with dynamic lighting effects, additional colors and textured keypads. 

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Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 5K

RedGear Mechanical Keyboard

This RedGear keyboard is a mechanical keyboard for professionals that comes with Kailh clicky blue switches placed in a floating key cap design. The keyboard has also got RGB lighting effect. The keyboard is best-suited for programmers and gamers.

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Circle Squadron Mechanical Keyboard

This Keyboard is exclusively designed for gamers. The keyboard daunts in an aluminum body and suspended key-cap design. The switches on top are Kailh Blue switches. And the Keyboard comes with one year warranty.

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Redragon Mechanical Keyboard

This gaming keyboard has got custom mechanical cherry green equivalent switches for ultimate gaming performance. The keyboard has got 104 standard conflict free keys, full numeric keypad, 12 multimedia keys, and a splash-proof design. 

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Zebronics Max Mechanical Keyboard

If you are looking for a compact mechanical keyboard, you can consider this option. The keyboard comes with tactile switches and a pre-programmed LED modes. It has been designed with an all metal body, which means that the keyboard is well suited for heavy usage like gaming. To make the keyboard stick to the surface, it has got a rubberized finish at the back.

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  1. Since when Rs10000 became affordable in India? I have to work 11hours a day to get Rs750-1000 barely despite being highly educated and experienced. Bull shit!!

  2. Brother,

    Honestly speaking, 10000 INR isn’t cheap or budget by any sense. If this blog would include some keyboards under INR 2500 or even 3500, it would be great for the people actually looking for a good mechanical keyboard, and at the same time you would have to do a lot of work to find those select keyboards to put on your list.
    Anyway, good luck.
    I wrote what I thought.

    • The list has a few options that are priced under 5K and under 3K.
      Circle Squadron Mechanical Keyboard
      RedGear Mechanical Keyboard. Please check the Under 5K section in the list


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