Yu Televentures had added another accessory to its portfolio, and this time it is the expected and awaited portable charge, YU Jyuice, which will be available in 2 variants with 5000mAh and 10000mAh battery for 6,99INR and 1099INR respectively.


Both of these low cost Li-polymer based power banks boast of circuit chip protection, Sandblasted and anodized Aluminum body, and 92 percent charge conversion efficiency. For better perspective, Yu states that new chargers are efficient enough to charge Yunique (2000mAh battery) 4.6 times and 2.3 times (With 10000mAh and 5000mAh chargers respectively). These are lofty claims, and we will believe them only after our full review.

Both power banks include ports for fast charging and occupy identical footprint, though the 10000 mAh unit is understandably thicker. A yunique thing about Jyuice, which differentiates it from rest of the crowd and just might add much needed value to power bank experience is the charge indicator.

Instead of vague LED dot indicator, YU is using a larger and more conspicuous multi-color LED which glows Red, when charge is less than 30 percent, yellow when the charge is between 30 and 70 percent and Green if battery level lies between 70 and 100. This is refreshing change when compared to other recent low cost, branded and online exclusive power banks from Xiaomi, Asus, Huawei and OnePlus.

Besides 3 compelling low cost smartphones, Yu is now also selling 4 different accessories including fitness band Yufit, health tracker HealthYu, photo printer Yupix and of course Jyuice.

Both variants of Yu Jyuice are exclusively available on Snapdeal.

Yu Jyuice Features and Specification:

Model Yu Jyuice 5000 mAh Yu Jyuice 10000 mAh
Dimensions 7.9 x 70 x 139mm 12.5 x 70 x 139mm
Input DC 5V/1A DC 5V/1A
Output 5V /2.1 A (Fast charging) 5V /2.4 A (Fast charging)
Efficiency 92% 92%
Energy Density U50: 18.5Wh U50: 37Wh
LED Indicator Yes (Multi-Color) Yes (Multi-Color)
Overvoltage protection Yes Yes
Price 699 INR 1099 INR



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