YouTube videos will no longer be flanked by black bars to make up for the unusual aspect ratio of uploaded videos. In a fresh development, YouTube announced that videos having unusual aspect ratios will now be calibrated to appear larger while viewing in desktop browsers.

YouTube will make the above modifications by modifying its default 16:9 display ratio frame and tweaking the user interface to accommodate different video aspect ratios. This will however not make viewing vertically shot videos any less annoying. The notion that YouTube videos are usually scaled in a fashion that suits its mobile phone UI will remain so even after the above changes have been introduced. The video will take advantage of the extra space previously occupied by the sidebars. This will fine-tune the videos to stretch in the direction of black bars so as to give a balanced output.

The changes will consequently be rolled out for all platforms that run YouTube videos. As for now, the company has introduced the above changes for Web, Android, and iOS mobile phones.

The update probably stemmed from YouTube’s concern that it could lose viewers from the Instagram and Snapchat generation if support for different aspect ratios was not added on its platform.

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