xiaomi mi note pro release date

Xiaomi has been making a few appearances since last year. And Xiaomi as presented some of the greatest devices like Xiaomi MiNote, Xiaomi MiPad, etc. Having claimed the number one spot in China, Xiaomi now plans to dig deep into the Indian market. In January this year, a PTI report stated that Xiaomi will set up first R&D unit in Bangalore. And this time it’s about another surprise by Xiaomi which is the new Xiaomi smartwatch with the revolutionary Pulse Wave technology.



Many reports are suggesting that Xiaomi has been inspired by the Apple Watch, citing the fact that the company is oft accused of copying Apple. The watch is reported to have a large screen and possess the unique Pulse Wave technology which will enable users to detect each other with the help of radio pulses. Xiaomi already has had the element of surprise in wearable gear segment with its Mi Band.

Xiaomi smartwatch is expected to come with brushed metal finish along the edges like in smartphones. There is no update on the launch schedule and the pricing details yet. We just hope that this would be a real benchmark of excellence by Xiaomi, and should land in at an affordable price.


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