Samsung has been running the smartphone race as if it had an advantageous head start in the competition being contested among various smartphones manufacturers all over the world. While Apple was being considered the most dangerous rival against Samsung in the global market, the recent inductee in the Indian telecom market and the Chinese gadget giant, Xiaomi has been making a few appearances since last year.


Reportedly, Xiaomi has overtaken the ride ahead of Samsung if we speak of its business in the country of its origin, China. Xiaomi is being called the Chinese tech giant within such a short span of its arrival into the global market. Another evidence of Xiaomi’s unprecedented growth is its announcement to open a store in the U.S which would initially sell Xiaomi smart bands and no smartphones as for the beginning.

The Chinese smartphone maker reported a market share of 12.5% in 2014, overtaking Samsung which stood at 12.1%. Xiaomi’s market share has increased from 5.3% in 2013 to 12.5% in 2014 whereas Samsung’s share dropped from 18.7% in 2013 to 12.1% in 2014. Xiaomi claims sales of more than 61 million smartphones last year, up 227 per cent from 2013.


The Chinese smartphone maker secured $1 billion funding in December bringing its valuation to $45 billion. Xiaomi has been continuously spreading its wings wide apart in growing economies like India. While Samsung lost the game to Xiaomi, Apple could not even make it to the top 5 sellers in China. As the figures suggest, Xiaomi seems to have become the undisputed king of its land and seems to lose the throne no sooner.


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