Xiaomi has unveiled its new fitness band, Hey+, in China. The band succeeds Xiaomi’s previous launch, Mi Band 3, that was launched a couple of months ago. The Mi Band 3 was bundled with some highly sought after features like improved touch display with increased brightness, better battery life, a higher water resistance level, and Bluetooth 4.2. Xiaomi’s Hey+ adds a couple of more useful features to an already competent Mi Band 3.

This improved smart band by Xiaomi features a 0.95-inch color OLED screen (240×120), with 282ppi. It weighs a comfortable 19.7 grams, with thermoplastic elastomer composition. A battery capacity of 120mAh (with two hours charging time), similar to the one within Mi Band 3 powers this wearable. The company claims up to 18 hour active life (under normal limits) for the device from a single cycle of charging.

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Being a fitness band, the new Hey+ smartband helps track your swimming, running and walking stats and reports your progress in each of these activities. A caller ID feature in this band serves as a shortcut to reject calls straight-away from the band’s display. The accelerometer in Hey+ allows sleep monitoring. The device also has alarms and reminder alert features.

An NFC module has been included on this wristband to hold a digital subway pass within the band. This feature is compatible with metros in 148 cities across China, and can also be used to get access into buildings having NFC reader doors. The band’s screen can display up to 10 calls or messages at any given instance, and each message can have a maximum of 300 characters. The 18-hour battery life can survive the deal in case of average usage that would include about 50 daily notifications, two alarms, thrice measurement of heart rate, and one-hour activity tracking.

The Bluetooth 4.2 functionality allows the band to share data with phones as well as Xiaomi Home Automation system, which in turn, can control other devices. For this, the device needs to be paired with Mijia app.

Xiaomi Hey+ Price

The Xiaomi Hey+ would cost RMB 229 (approximately Rs 2,300) to its Chinese customers. The fitness band has already concluded its crowd-funding phase, and will be out for sale in the Chinese markets on September 20, 2018.

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  1. The watch comes with standard wearable features which include an OLED screen and it also features NFC which is not optional. It seems that the NFC will allow the watch users to easily authenticate themselves at subways in China.


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