Xander Audio (XA) has unleashed an audio system, nicknamed as XA 339 STEALTH 2, and a slew of LED TVs, in India. The new TV line-up from the home-entertainment brand comes with 3D Comb filter and Smart Energy Saving feature, whereas the STEALTH 2 for music enthusiasts is the successor of last year’s STEALTH.

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XA LED TVs Features

The LED TVs comes in three variants: XA-9430 (43-inch), XA-9320 (32-inch), and XA-9240 (24-inch), with size being the only notable difference. The XA TVs is touted to have a 3D Comb filter, which is an electronic filter that separates the luminance signal from the chrominance signal three horizontal scan lines of the video at a time. This results in reduced video noise, cross-colour interference or colour bleeding and dot crawl and gives the viewer a clearer, sharper, and richer video picture.

The display resolution is unspecified, however, each XA LED TVs has Smart Energy Saving features. The connectivity options on the same include dual USB and HDMI port, AV Mode, VGA input, PC input, and Headphone out. The TVs are also compatible with all kinds of devices like PCs, tablets, and mobile phones.

XA 339 STEALTH 2 Features

The XA’s STEALTH-2, on the other hand, is an audio system that sports Bass Reflex Technology to offer seamless connectivity to all mobile devices and music players with Bluetooth and FM, and super heavy “Dragon Bass”.

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Specially designed for Indian consumers, Stealth speakers work on an SMPS solution instead of a standard transformer. This makes the speakers compatible to handle a wide spectrum of voltage and its fluctuation.

In terms of connectivity, the XA 339 STEALTH-2 can connect to smartphones and other devices using Bluetooth, USB, SD Card, and Aux port. It can also connect to FM radio and can be easily attached to any TV or gaming console using standard Aux wires to enhance the sound quality.

XA LED TVs and STEALTH-2 Price and Availability

The Indian price of XA-9430 LED TV is set at Rs 43990, whereas the XA-9320 costs Rs. 21,990 and XA-9240 Rs. 12,990. The XA 339 STEALTH-2 retails at Rs. 9,999. All XA products are available for sale at every leading retail store. Both the products can also be purchased separately.


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