iPhones With ‘Squeezable Sides’ On The Way, Apple Files Patent

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Apple may actually borrow the ‘Side Squeeze’ feature from rivals like HTC and Google on its future iPhones. The Cupertino firm has filed a patent for a new technology called ‘Mobile Electronic Device with Squeeze Detection’. It will allow users to gently squeeze their phones to trigger action.

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iPhone Side Squeeze feature

According to the patent, Apple is working on squeezable sensors. These sensors will reportedly be on the edges of the phone, just like the Pixel 2/ 2XL, and you could either summon the voice assistant Siri with it or open a menu.

The patent further highlights that the device could be configured to get input based on the pressure applied on the chassis. This could be similar to Apple’s 3D Touch – introduced first on iPhone 6S. The 3D Touch technology offers users different options depending on the amount of pressure exerted on the screen.

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Here’s the summary of the patent:

“A force sensing compliant enclosure for an electronic device may include at least one deformable housing wall. At least one strain concentration portion may be located on the deformable housing wall where strain caused by application of a force that deforms the deformable housing wall is greater than at other portions of the deformable housing wall. The strain concentrating portion may have a second thickness that is thinner than other portions of the deformable housing wall. One or more sensors may be positioned in the strain concentration portion and may sense strain caused by the application of the force that deforms the deformable housing wall.”

Apart from the squeezable side, Apple is also working on to improve flash on the iPhone’s camera as well as interior mapping. The latter is said to locate iPhone more precisely than the GPS. Apple calls it “Range-Free Proximity Determination,” in which an iPhone could enter a proximity fence set by a series of nodes placed in an area. These nodes will then help you to track the location of your phone, and thus guide you with direction.

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