WhatsApp Scam Alert: Beware of Fraudulent Messages Promising VIP Entry to Ram Mandir

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Amidst the fervent preparations for the Ram Mandir, a new wave of cybercrime has emerged, targeting individuals through WhatsApp messages with promises of complimentary VIP entry to the Ayodhya temple on January 22.

The initial messages being circulated contain an APK (Android Application Package) file identified as ‘Ram Janmabhoomi Grihsampark Abhiyan.APK.’ Following this, a subsequent message prompts users to “Install Ram Janmabhoomi Grihsampark Abhiyan for VIP access and share with fellow Hindus… Jay Shree Ram…” The cybercriminals are leveraging this deceptive campaign to exploit unsuspecting individuals as the anticipation for the temple inauguration builds.

WhatsApp Scam

It’s crucial to emphasize that neither the state nor central government, the event organizers, nor the temple trust responsible for managing affairs in Ayodhya are associated with this incident. This marks a new scam targeting individuals enthusiastic about attending or gaining entry to the temple on the inauguration day.

Engaging in the download of these deceptive APK files, which falsely promise access to the temple on January 22, presents a substantial threat. The extent of potential harm is contingent on the specific malware concealed within these files. Here are some common risks associated with malicious APKs:

The risks associated with downloading such malicious APK files are severe and encompass various threats, including:

1. Stealing Personal Data: Malicious APKs can compromise sensitive personal information such as login credentials, passwords, credit card numbers, contacts, browsing history, and personal messages.

2. Financial Information Theft: These files may specifically target banking apps, aiming to pilfer financial data, including account numbers, transaction details, and intercepting one-time passwords.

3. Device Location Tracking: Malicious APKs can track the location of your device, allowing attackers to monitor your movements and potentially launch personalized attacks in the future.

In addition to these threats, such files can enable attackers to spy on targeted devices. Activities on the phone, including typing, browsing, and camera/microphone usage, can be covertly recorded. The malware may also disrupt apps, freeze your phone, or, in extreme cases, wipe out your data entirely. Therefore, caution is crucial to prevent falling victim to these potential harms.

The dangers extend further as every keystroke made on your device can be logged, potentially capturing sensitive information such as passwords and messages. Moreover, phone calls may be intercepted and recorded without your knowledge.

In light of these risks, exercising caution is paramount when encountering APKs distributed through third-party sources. If you receive messages from unknown senders offering such files, it is advisable to act swiftly by reporting and blocking the person. Additionally, filing a cybercrime complaint without delay is crucial. Furthermore, refraining from clicking on such links and avoiding the forwarding of such messages to your contacts is recommended to prevent the spread of this potential threat.

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