Facebook took over WhatsApp in the year 2014, and since then, this is the first time they have jointly occupied headlines. Well, things change!

WhatsApp has been working somewhat independently post the merger, but will now share your phone number and other private details with parent company Facebook.


WhatsApp detailed its plan in a blog post. The company claims that this should help better ‘Friend suggestions’ and targeted ads on Facebook.

WhatsApp and Facebook won’t divulge your phone number to advertisers, but they are still going to make it available to brands. This would help brands communicate with you should the need arise.

“For examples, a bank sending a message when your account has been hacked and an Airline informing about a delayed flight via text messages. ”

The silver lining is that you get to decide if those slobbering brands get to see your number.

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Yes, if you could take the trouble to tap the “read more” button before blindly surrendering to their terms, you’ll find a checkbox right next to “share my WhatsApp account information to Facebook.” which can be unchecked in disagreement.

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Life hardly gives you second chances but Facebook does. If you miss out on the above, you can still go to the settings and follow these steps (settings > Account > share my Account Info and finally uncheck) to bar from sharing your account info with Facebook. This has to be done within first 30 days, though.


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