iOS has received a new update on Whatsapp, which has brought a couple of new features to the instant messaging platform. The changes, you ask?  (हिंदी में पढ़ें

A sum total of three changes have been made privy to the iOS users which are automatic albums in chats, quick reply feature for messages and availability of filters for the editing of photographs and pictures.

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The Photo Filters is the major change out of the three, though not as prolific as the other social media platforms (read: Instagram), and offers the users five filters to edit the pictures. These five filters are Pop, B&W, Cool, Chrome and Film.

Judging by the changes, it is imminent that more filters are in the offing for iOS (although the update looks like a straight lift off from Instagram).

Another change being talked about is the albums upgrade, that allows the users to put together a set of media items (images, videos etc.) into a single group, and then send them collectively to someone.

Another important aspect of this update is that the group of media items opens up in a separate window rather than cluttering the current chat window.

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Now, the third and last Whatsapp update is the quick reply feature that lets the users to reply to a particular message just by swiping right on the same. This has taken off from the earlier update that allowed the users to reply to individual messages by prefixing ‘@’ with the name of the intended receiver.

Nevertheless, these are currently available exclusively for the iOS, but seeing the way it functions, it will not take long for these updates to come to the Android platform.

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Let us know what you think of the update(s). Would you prefer to using them in your phone?


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